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Best Car Lease Deals & Special Offers

See the best car lease deals and special offers in the UK from the list below, available for order today. All lease cars include free mainland UK delivery, warranty, and road tax with a long list of further benefits. You can choose your ideal car from a range of all the top manufacturers and models, including Volkswagen and Nissan, so you can drive away a brand new car in no time. The top lease deals below have been chosen due to their value for money, popularity, style, efficiency, availability and more, so choose from the below list to find the perfect car for you, making car leasing as easy as possible. If you want to ensure you can get your new car delivered ASAP, check out our in-stock lease deals page.

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Benefits of the Best Lease Deals

  • Ordering from the list of the best car lease deals means that you know you're getting a model that is popular with other drivers, and they're always popular for a reason.
  • Leasing makes driving away in a new car affordable and is often the best option for many due to the low fixed monthly payments and low initial payment amount. 
  • Our top car lease deals have specifically been chosen by real human beings taking a number of factors into account. 
  • The Xcite Car Leasing experts have decades of experience in the leasing industry, so we know what makes for the best leasing deals. 
  • You can add a maintenance package for your lease deal, meaning any repair bills are kept to a minimum. 
  • At the end of your lease deal, you can simply hand the car back and are free to search for a new deals, so you'll never be tied into a contract for longer than you need. 

How Our Leasing Process Works

It couldn't be easier to lease a car with us, we have a simple four step process that you will be guided on by both our website and our friendly sales and customer services team:

A 4 step guide to car leasing diagram

Why Choose Xcite Car Leasing for Your Best Lease Deal?

Xcite Car Leasing has an expert team ready to help you through every step of the leasing process and is the perfect choice when looking for the best car leasing deals in the UK. The main benefits of leasing with us are:

  • An Easy Process: No one wants to be jumping through endless hoops when looking for their next car. That’s why we’ve made the leasing process as simple as possible. Just find the right car for you, fill in the application forms and we’ll deliver it straight to your door.

  • Multiple Award Wins: The results speak for themselves, and we've won awards for our exceptional service in the last couple of years.

  • Happy Customers: The proof is in the pudding, and our customers have rated us 5* on and left plenty of positive leasing reviews with more details on the phenomenal service we provide.

  • A Top Team of Experts:  The Xcite Car Leasing team has over 15 years of business and personal leasing industry experience, so we’ll be able to help you through the leasing process from start to finish, offering expert advice along the way.

  • Flawless Customer Service: For additional assistance, you can call our dedicated team on 0330 221 0000, email  hello@xcitecarleasing.co.uk or use the live chat feature to contact us.

  • Relationships With Elite Dealers: Our team has built great relationships with top dealers, manufacturers and funding houses in order to help you find the best lease deals in the UK.

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Best Car Lease Deals FAQs

Are these Car Leasing Offers Right for Me?

The lease deals that are available right now cover a wide range of manufacturers, models and types. You’ll need to consider whether leasing in general is better in your current situation when compared to other finance methods, such as buying outright. If you’re looking for flexibility to change cars every few years while making low fixed monthly payments, then leasing is a fantastic option.

What Makes the Xcite Car Leasing Deals the Best in the UK?

With years of leasing industry experience, the Xcite team has cultivated some excellent relationships with a range of the top leasing finance providers, meaning we can offer lease deals that are extremely competitive and can only be found here. We are also constantly reviewing the available deals and deciding what makes for a hot leasing offer.

What's Included in a Car Leasing Deal?

Every car lease deal available will come with a manufacturer's warranty, free mainland UK delivery and road tax as standard, with the option to add a maintenance package too.

Should I Add a Maintenance Package to My Top Leasing Deal?

If you’re looking for a bit of extra peace of mind with your leasing deal then you can add a maintenance package for an additional fixed monthly amount. This will cover your servicing, tyres, MOTs and other maintenance work needed for the duration of your lease.

When Will the New Car be Delivered?

The date of delivery for your new leasing deal will depend on whether the car is currently in stock or whether it will be a factory order. Cars that are in stock have a much quicker delivery turnaround, usually within a few weeks depending on the finance documents.

How Long Can I Lease a Top Deal For?

The leasing deals are available with contract lengths of 24, 36 and 48 months, so you can choose the ideal option to suit your personal needs. You can also decide on the initial rental payment and annual mileage amounts too.

Can the Xcite Leasing Team Help Me Choose the Best Lease Deal?

Yes, our expert team would be delighted to help you find the perfect car for you within your budget if you’re unsure what you’re after. You can call our dedicated team on0330 221 0000, email   hello@xcitecarleasing.co.uk or use the live chat feature to contact us.

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