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Whether you need a car for yourself or for your company, Xcite Car Leasing can find you the perfect deal from our fantastic list of car lease special offers. Each car is available to lease straight away and can be delivered to anywhere in the mainland UK for free. There are plenty of other amazing benefits too, including road tax and warranty included, plus the option to add a further maintenance package for that extra layer of security. Our range of personal and business car leasing special offers is always growing and adapting, with new vehicles available all the time. Simply choose your ideal car from any of the top manufacturers in the world, including Ford, Volkswagen and Audi and take to the roads.

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Why Choose Xcite?

We’re the experts in the car leasing field, with a brilliant team on hand to help you every step of the way. Choose from an extended list of top cars and find the perfect special offer for you. 

The key advantages of using Xcite include:

User-Friendly Process: It's as simple as locating the desired car and completing a straightforward online application form.

Outstanding Reviews: People are highly satisfied with the quality of service we offer. Further details can be found on our Feefo reviews  page.

Expert Guidance on Car Leasing: The Xcite team boasts nearly two decades of experience in the field of car leasing .

Phenomenal Customer Care: Our customer service team is always available to assist you with any queries related to your car lease arrangement.

Strong Partnerships with Premier Dealers: We have established robust relationships with a wide network of car dealers. This ensures that we can locate the car lease special offer to suit your needs.

Car Lease Special Offers FAQs

What happened to the Car Lease Special Offers brand?

We’re still here, just under a new name! In 2023, Car Lease Special Offers became Xcite Car Leasing, providing a fresh and vibrant new look to go along with our old-school fantastic level of service. Contact us today to find out more about our rebrand and how we can help you find the perfect deal for you.

What are car lease special offers?

Car lease special offers are essentially promotions offered by dealerships or manufacturers that may be limited time only. These offers grant you the opportunity to lease a vehicle at a reduced rate, frequently leading to lower monthly payments or minimised upfront expenses. You can choose from our full list of offers above, using the filters to further narrow down your search.

What makes these lease offers special?

The lease offers listed above stand out due to their tendency to offer more favourable terms compared to standard leases. This encompasses advantages such as decreased monthly payments, lower initial payments, reduced interest rates, or additional incentives that enhance the appeal of leasing.

Is maintenance included in these car lease special offers?

Maintenance coverage generally isn't a standard inclusion in these special lease deals; however, you will have the option of adding a maintenance package for a specific duration or the entire lease term. The cost of the maintenance package will then be added to your monthly payment amount rather than being one lump sum.

What happens when the lease term ends?

When the lease term concludes, you have the flexibility to opt for returning the vehicle and leasing a new one, possibly acquiring the leased vehicle through a purchase, or exploring alternative choices. Xcite Car Leasing is committed to offering assistance that facilitates your decision-making process, ensuring it aligns with your individual circumstances.

Are there mileage restrictions on these special offers?

Yes, as part of the application process, you will agree on an annual mileage limit for your leasing deal. This will be between 5,000 and 30,000 miles, so you can choose the option that best suits your usage. The lower the annual mileage limit, the cheaper your monthly payments will be.

How can I tell if they are in stock car lease special offers?

When searching through our deals list, you can identify which exact models are in stock thanks to an “In Stock” sticker appearing next to the deal. There are plenty of advantages to choosing an in-stock model as opposed to a factory order, including a much quicker turnaround for delivery, a wider selection of models, and more competitive pricing. You can also view all of our in stock lease deals on one page too.

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