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Find the perfect van leasing for you or your business with Xcite, the one-stop shop for all your car or van leasing needs. Choose from a wide range of Xcellent van lease deals from the best manufacturers like Ford, Peugeot and Toyota. Top van lease offers on models like the Ford Ranger and Peugeot Partner can be claimed at a fantastic price with us, so what’s not to like? All of our vans include free delivery to anywhere on the UK mainland, with warranty and road tax included. Take away the wait and order your next van today, with petrol, diesel and electric van lease options.

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Why Choose Xcite?


When choosing your next van leasing offer, you want to rest assured that you’re in safe hands. The good news is, you’ve come to the right place! The Xcite team are all experts in the van leasing field and are ready to help you every step of the way, from choosing the best van lease deal to suit you to getting the van on the road. No matter whether you’re leasing a van for business or personal use, we’ll be able to guide and support you through the simple process.

The main benefits of using Xcite include:

A Straightforward Process: Simply find the vans you want and complete the easy online application form.

Brilliant reviews: Our genuine customers are delighted with the service we provide, and you can see our Feefo reviews page for more details.

Expert Van Leasing Advice: The Xcite team has almost 20 years of experience in van leasing.

Xceptional Customer Service: If you need any assistance regarding your van lease deal, our customer service team will always be there for you.

Strong Relationships With Top Dealers: We have immense relationships with all van dealers across our network, meaning we’ll be sure to find you the perfect van leasing deal.

Top Van Leasing Deals FAQs


What makes Xcite’s van leasing deals the best in the UK?

As well as the cheap van leasing deals that are competitive across the board, the Xcite team has developed brilliant relationships across the board with the best van lease finance providers around. This means we can provide great lease packages and offers on top vans like the Ford Ranger and Toyota Proace that can only be found via Xcite. We’re also always reviewing the pricing for our lease vans to ensure we’re bringing you the best possible deal at all times.

What’s included in a van leasing deal?

All van leasing deals available through Xcite, whether they’re a personal or business van lease, will come with free mainland UK delivery, plus road tax and a manufacturer’s warranty included. You’ll also have the option to add a maintenance package to your deal too, which can cover all scheduled servicing, any MOTs, replacement tyres, maintenance repairs and item replacements. You’ll also receive expert customer support and advice throughout your van lease term, and we’ll be happy to help you every step of the way.

How does van leasing work?

Van leasing is a form of vehicle finance that provides an individual or business with a brand new van to drive over a set amount of time, often between two and four years, in exchange for a fixed monthly payment. When leasing with Xcite, there are a few simple steps to follow, such as:

  1. Choose the van you want from the list of deals above.
  2. Complete the easy online application form and pay the initial rental payment, which you can alter to suit your needs.
  3. We’ll deliver the van to you on a day of your choosing.
  4. Enjoy driving your new van and make the fixed monthly payments.
  5. Simply hand the van back at the end of the agreement. It’s that simple!

When will the new van be delivered?

If your new van lease deal is an in stock vehicle, then there will be a much quicker delivery turnaround, which is usually within a few weeks of completing the application form. If your chosen van is a factory order, it will take a bit longer to be delivered, as they’ll need to build it from scratch at the factory. There are steps you can take to reduce the waiting time a little bit, including having all of the relevant documentation ready for our team to check as part of the application process.

What types of van leasing are available?

There are two types of van leasing available with Xcite: business and personal van lease deals. Depending on whether you need the van to use as a company vehicle or if you just need it for personal use, you can select the relevant deal in our filter and search for the best options. Business deals will appear cheaper than personal deals due to businesses being able to claim back VAT on business lease payments, which isn’t an option for personal leases. Higher mileage allowances and lower risk can also contribute to lower rates for business deals.

What is business van leasing and how can I benefit from it?

Business van leasing allows businesses and companies to drive a new van for a set amount of time in exchange for fixed monthly payments. It’s often a fantastic option for businesses that require a new van to assist the company’s operations but they don’t want the large financial outlay and commitment that comes with owning the van. It’s also a great option for those that might need to change their vans quite frequently, such as every few years but don’t want the hassle of buying and selling the vans on a consistent basis.

Other benefits of business van lease deals include lower monthly payments vs other finance methods, no depreciation worries, tax benefits, reduced upfront costs and access to new technology every few years. Find the perfect van leasing offer from the list of deals above.

Who can lease a van?

If you require a business van lease, then your company will need to be currently trading and able to provide details of a strong business income. There will also be a credit check involved which you’ll need to pass. We may also require some financial statements such as recent bank account statements and VAT returns.

If it’s a personal van lease you require, then you’ll also need to pass a personal credit check along with evidence of a secure income. You’ll also need to be over 18 years old and have a full UK driver’s licence.

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