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VW Lease Deals

Originally founded in 1937 the aim of VW was to provide affordable cars for the German public, with Volkswagen translating to mean the “people’s car”. This was the beginning of the infamous Beetle model, which saw unprecedented production levels and popularity in the early days of worldwide automotive vehicles. 

Nowadays, VW is equally known for their bestselling family hatchbacks the Golf and Polo. The award-winning remains one of the UK’s top-selling hatchbacks and there are now over eight models in the range, including Life, Active, GTI and Alltrack. The Polo is equally as impressive with options available that include advanced safety features like pedestrian detection and front assist with city emergency braking. To see our top deals on both of these just scroll down.

VW’s extensive range of cars also includes the award-winning Up, Passat, Touareg, the Arteon, the Tiguan and T-Roc compact SUVs, with more models on the horizon.

Which Volkswagen EVs are Available to Be Leased?

VW have expanded their EV range in recent years and there is now a number of models that offer drivers hybrid engine solutions as well as fully electrified vehicles. To make it easier for customers to identify their fully electric range Volkswagen has included ID in their name. The majority are ID followed by a number, for example, the popular ID.3 hatchback or the ID.5 SUV. The only exception currently is their new electric campervan the ID.Buzz.

Who Are Volkswagen's Direct Competitors?

If you're looking to compare Volkswagen to similar models, then we recommend looking at their main rivals Ford, Toyota and BMW. These three brands offer similar levels of build quality, trim range and pricing.

Why Choose Xcite Car Leasing for Your Volkswagen Lease Deal?

Xcite Car Leasing provides you with a brilliant list of the latest Volkswagen models, with the option to take out a personal or business lease depending on your needs. We've got nearly 20 years in the industry which means we know how to find you a great deal. We work with all of the UK's leading funders as well as an extensive network of dealerships around the country in order to get the best lease prices on the right car for you.

Your Volkswagen Leasing Questions Answered

Why Should I Lease a VW?

VW has been one of the UK’s most popular car brands since way back when the Beetle became an icon on its initial release. The great thing about their models is that there is something for everyone. The VW Up is a cut-price and stylish city car, while the California is for those with a much larger family and the need for extra space. Whatever your requirements, we have a VW lease deal for you.

Should I Lease or Buy My Volkswagen?

There are a number of reasons why leasing is more beneficial than buying a car outright. Some of these reasons are financial, such as the fact you won’t need a large sum of money to pay for the car in one go, and can make smaller monthly payments instead. Another reason is convenience, as with a lease you won’t own the car, and thus don’t need to worry about things like value depreciation. You can also trade in your car for something new at the end of the lease contract, giving you an extra bit of flexibility.

Can I Lease a VW for My Business?

Yes, you can choose a business lease for your next car with plenty of great business contract hire deals available across a range of models. These are ideal if you’re looking at leasing a car through your business or if you work for a business that offers you a company car and can lease the vehicle for you to use. If you’re leasing a car just for you, then a personal contract hire lease agreement would be the best option.

What Happens at the End of Your VW Lease Deal?

When you come to the end of your Volkswagen leasing contract, you’ll be presented with a number of different options. You may decide that you want to keep the vehicle, and so extend your lease. You may also be given the chance to purchase the car outright, or to look at leasing options for a different vehicle entirely. If you’re giving your VW back at the end of the lease, simply arrange collection for a date that suits you.

Can I End My VW Lease Early?

You can end your lease agreement early, however, there will be an early termination fee to do so. The exact cost on this will vary on your individual lease and when you are looking to end it but you'll be able to get an early termination quote from your funder before deciding anything.

For more information on the end of a lease take a look at this dedicated guide.

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