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Volkswagen Passat Leasing Deals & Offers

The Passat is available as either a saloon or estate and, in both versions, comes in a GTE plug-in hybrid option for drivers who want a greener choice.

The latest models also come with a whole range of technology like the hands-free opening boot, optional Discover Pro navigation system which integrates your satnav with the multimedia system on the centre screen. There’s a number of safety features and systems as well, like the Proactive Passenger Protection System which works to protect you and your passengers in the event of an unavoidable collision.

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Volkswagen is a German manufacturer that is known for creating affordable and reliable vehicles designed to last. One way to make a brand-new car even more affordable is to lease, as you'll pay a fixed monthly sum for a set period of time, and unlike with a PCP agreement you're not expected to make a balloon payment or pay the cost of the vehicle off over the agreement period so will be cheaper. 

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You can see all our Passat leasing offers above or if you are looking for something in particular you can filter these using one of the search tools that let you narrow down the results based on the car or lease terms you need. 

Here at Xcite Car Leasing, we work hard to find the very best Passat lease offers for our customers and this involves working with all the leading lease funders and a network of VW dealers around the country to get the cheapest prices for you.

Your Volkswagen Passat Leasing Questions Answered

Why Should I Lease a Volkswagen Passat?

There’s a number of reasons that leasing your next Passat is a great choice! You’ll get to drive a brand-new car every few years, without the hassle of buying and selling, for a fixed monthly cost that can include maintenance work as well.

A brand new car comes with a lot of perks outside of keeping up with the latest in design and technology advances and these include no wear to the vehicle so lower maintenance costs, an MOT not being due for the first three years, the manufacturer’s warranty, and much more.

Is the VW Passat a Luxury Car?

While not a brand associated with luxury, like Mercedes or Lexus, Volkswagen manage to bring a touch of luxury to their practical models, especially when you look at the higher spec versions.

Is There an Electric Version of the VW Passat?

No there’s no fully electric version of the Passat just yet, though VW did confirm earlier this year that one was in the pipeline. However, there is the Passat GTE which is a hybrid version.

What is the Range of the Electric Passat?

VW put the electric range at 36 miles however with real world driving factors such as the road condition, weather and vehicle weight taken into account it will likely be a little lower than that in reality.

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