Our company's story started nearly 20 years ago in 2004 when our three directors Tim McNally, Simon Naylor and Spencer Blake decided to strike out on their own. 

Xcite car leasing directors

The three were friends long before they founded the business, and between them already had accrued twenty years of experience in the leasing and rental sector working for others when they decided to venture out on their own.

There were two main factors that prompted them to form their own company. On a personal level, they wanted more time with their young families so needed a better work-life balance. On a professional level, they were determined to create an environment where the customer’s experience is at the heart of everything, something they had noticed wasn't always the case at other companies.

As the company has expanded and new members have joined the team we’ve worked hard to ensure that our customers remain at the heart of what we do. Tim, Simon and Spencer now oversee over 30 members of the Xcite Team, ensuring our customers are expertly informed and guided through every stage of the leasing journey. You can find out more about each of our teams and what they do on the meet the team page.

We work with a number of different leasing platforms including carwow, Leasing.com, AutoTrader, LeaseLoco and Cars2Buy to ensure our great deals reach as many people as possible.

Our Story So Far:

Xcite car leasing timeline of significant events

Our Future: 

Today, we pride ourselves on being here to help our customers on every step of the journey from finding the very best leasing offers through streamlining the document signing process, answering any questions once the vehicle is delivered, and even helping to arrange collection at the end of the lease.

Our vision for the future is to make leasing as simple and Xciting as possible for drivers around the UK. To do this we're working on streamlining the process and making sure you know what you need to do and when you need to do it. Our teams are constantly working to ensure any feedback we get from our customers is considered and changes are made based on these suggestions and we'll continue to do this as we move forward. 

We're also looking forward to having a fully interactive customer area where our customers can keep up to date on their car's journey, ask any questions and even upload documents for us. This will create a one stop zone where the customer can get an update on their lease making it even easier than ever before.

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