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As we all become more environmentally conscious more and more car manufacturers are making hybrid and electric models, and many more drivers are choosing to get behind the wheel of an electric vehicle (EV).

There’s a lot of benefits to choosing an electric car lease from reduced emissions to lower company car tax for company car drivers and fewer maintenance costs.  On top of that, there are currently government grants available to help with the cost of purchasing or leasing an electric car as well as for the installation of home chargers for both business and personal users.

If you’re not quite ready for a fully electric car lease then the best option could be to opt for a hybrid car lease instead.

Hybrid vehicles are ones that combine a traditional petrol or diesel combustion engine with an electric motor, so help relieve some of the range anxiety you might experience in a fully electric model. In the UK there are three main types of hybrid cars available to lease:

  • Plug-in hybrid (PHEV)
  • Full hybrid (HEV)
  • Cars with mild hybrid technology (MHEV)

To find out more about each of these check out the guides we have for electric and hybrid car leasing to learn more about hybrids, their benefits, and other things to consider when making the switch.

Latest Electric & Hybrid Leasing Deals

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We work hard to find the best and cheapest electric car leasing deals available in the UK, these are just some of the latest deals we have on electric and hybrid vehicles. We picked our favourite electric lease deals of the moment but you might like to see all of our special offers including petrol and diesel cars. Or if you're after a quick delivery then you'll want to head to our stock offers

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Popular Electric Car FAQs

We've answered some f the most commonly asked electric car leasing questions below and any answers you don't find here will be in one of our helpful guides

What’s the Range of an EV?

The range of an EV can vary depending on the model you select and its battery capacity but you’ll easily be able to find a car with a range suitable for your daily needs, with ranges of up to 400+ available in a modern electric car.

We’ve put together this useful piece on the current cars available with the best range on the market.

Where Can You Charge an Electric Car?

As electric cars become more common so are their chargers. Many of us have seen the electric parking spots at service stations and in supermarket car parks.  

These public EV chargers are great for charging on the go, and you can pay contactlessly through a card or an app on most of them.

As electric and hybrid cars become more common many workplaces are also installing chargers for their employees to use so they can charge their car while they work.

For more information on charging click here.

Why Choose an EV?

There are a lot of reasons to choose an electric car lease and we’ve rounded up all the best benefits here. From the financial benefits like lower company car tax to the environmental benefits like zero emissions, lower noise pollution, and everything in between there’s plenty of reasons to choose an electric model for your next new car.

How Expensive is an Electric Car Lease?

Just like with a petrol or diesel vehicle the price of an electric vehicle varies depending on the other factors like manufacturer, size, and spec level to name a few. Just scroll down to see our best and cheapest electric car leasing offers.

Popular Hybrid Car FAQs

We know that the questions drivers have on hybrid cars are different to the ones of a pure EV which is why we’ve also got some hybrid FAQs for you.

What are the Different Types of Hybrids?

A PHEV is a hybrid where the battery in the vehicle is charged by plugging into a power source. This allows there to be a slightly larger battery which means it can offer a longer purely EV range of up to around 20 to 30 miles typically.

Whereas a HEV uses technology within the car to recharge the battery from the combustion engine and through features like regenerative braking that recaptures energy which is usually lost. The trade-off for not having to plug the vehicle in is that you will get a smaller electric range or the electric motor only being used at low speeds.

A MHEV has cheaper and simpler technology than the other types of hybrids and will not usually offer a fully electric range. Instead, it will help give the combustion engine a boost when accelerating and climbing hills and recharge with regenerative braking and energy capturing technology.

What’s the Best Hybrid?

The answer to this really depends on you and your needs.

Do you want a car that will cover most of your daily mileage on its electric battery and just use the combustion engine for longer journeys? Then a PHEV will be the best option for you. Do you want a vehicle that uses the electric motor to support your combustion engine and give you more power when you really need it? Then a car with mild-hybrid+ tech might be the best choice.

We recommend thinking about what you really want to get from your hybrid and then doing your research to work out which is best for you. If you have any questions or need help figuring this out then just give us a call on 0330 221 0000.

What’s the Difference Between a PHEV and an EV?

Though they both need plugging in to charge the electric motor but the big difference is that a PHEV has a combustion engine as well so you’ll never be stranded because you’ve run out of charge, as long as you remember to fill up at the petrol station!

Another difference is that because of the size of the battery a PHEV has a much smaller purely electric range, though it has the fuel tank to fall back on, so you won’t experience the same range anxiety as a pure EV.

What’s the Electric Range on a Hybrid?

As mentioned above the range on a hybrid varies massively depending on what kind of hybrid you are looking at.

You’ll find the largest range available on PHEV because they have the largest battery capacity and most will offer around 20 to 30 miles of electric range between charges.

Popular Electric Car Models

Why Choose an Electric or Hybrid Lease Vehicle?

Leasing a new Electric or Hybrid vehicle is often the better way to fund an Electric vehicle as outright purchase can be very expensive. Additionally, leasing an electric vehicle provides you with a few other benefits:

  • Lower fuel bills with pure electric vehicles
  • Lower monthly costs
  • Tax incentives for company car drivers
  • No depreciation risk
  • Hassle free motoring

Peace of Mind

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