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Lexus Lease Deals

As Japan’s largest premium car manufacturer Lexus is a brand recognised around the world for their high-quality finish luxury cars.

From their flagship LC coupe, through the IS and ES saloons to their NX, RX and UX SUVs Lexus finish each vehicle with precision and care. Their Takumi master engineers work alongside cutting-edge technology, with both learning from each other, to provide a perfect finish on all Lexus vehicles. This attention to detail is visible across the hand stitched leather, precise real wood veneers and throughout their innovative and intuitive technology in the cars.  

Lexus not only has their craftsmen work alongside some of the most advanced technology but they also collaborate with leaders in other sectors and artists, for example in the LS model the decorative trim is inspired by Edo Kiriko cut glass, a style that is almost 200 years old.

A Lexus lease is great for drivers that want that taste of luxury in a brand-new premium vehicle but don't want to pay over the top lump sums that are associated with buying outright. 

Which Lexus EVs are Available to Lease?

The RZ is a fully electric sports car that is designed to thrill. As Lexus' flagship EV, it really showcases how the company can pair comfort and performance in an electric package. 

While it does have a smaller battery, and a larger buffer to help protect the battery life for longer, the mileage range of up to 272 miles is more than enough for most drivers' daily needs. 

Which is the Best Lexus Model to Lease?

The best Lexus will depend on your individual driving needs, as each model has its own benefits. 

The ES is a luxury sedan, which gives a refined driving experience with advanced technology and a spacious interior all at a great price. 

The RX is a luxury SUV that is versatile and refined. Its striking design and powerful engine will elevate your daily commute or family trips to new heights. 

The UX is a more compact SUV, that offers exceptional fuel efficiency and nimble handling that makes it the perfect option for inner-city urban driving.

The IS is a dynamic sports sedan, delivering brilliant performance along with a comfortable and luxurious interior.

Who are the Direct Competitors of Lexus?

We always recommend that drivers look at a range of different lease deals to make sure they get the right car at the best price. If you're considering a Lexus then you'll want to look at their main rivals to get similar deals, which include Jaguar, Audi and Volvo

Why Choose Xcite Car Leasing for Your Lexus Lease Deal?

Here at Xcite Car Leasing, we work hard to find the best lease deals on the market. Our team is able to help you with Lexus personal leasing and Lexus business leasing supporting you to find your ideal lease. We're currently able to offer leases that range between two and four years, and you'll be able to choose the best lease length as well as mileage allowance, maintenance provisions and the car details itself. 

You can take a look at the deals we currently have across the Lexus range above. Click on the model you’re interested in, and you can customise the lease details to find the best price for you or give our friendly Sales Team a call on 0330 221 0000 and they’ll be happy to help find the right Lexus lease deal for you.

Your Lexus Leasing Questions Answered

Is it Better to Lease or Buy a Lexus?

If you prefer to drive newer vehicles and upgrade after a length of time, or perhaps a lower monthly payment is more affordable for you than paying out a lump sum or paying to purchase, then leasing could be the option for you.

Although Lexus does have a strong resale value, they only become more cost-effective to buy after about 4 years, which means you’ll be driving an older model if you want to purchase one. Whereas, with leasing, you’ll be in a brand-new model, with all the latest mod-cons and can upgrade every couple of years depending on the length of the lease.

Lexus as a brand offers exceptional quality and reliability, luxurious comfort, advance technology and safety features and smooth and refined performance.

How Much Does It Cost to Lease a Lexus?

The price of your leasing plan depends on a few different things including the length of your contract and the model of the Lexus. 

We work to get the best Lexus lease deals in the UK so that we can give our customers some of the cheapest monthly lease rentals on the market.

As the overall cost of the lease remains the same over the duration of the agreement you might also choose to pay a higher initial rental payment so that the rest of your regular monthly payments are lower.

Personal leasing plans also tend to bring higher payments than Business leasing plans as businesses can claim up to 100% of the VAT back depending on how the vehicle is used.

Which is the Right Lexus Leasing Offer for Me?

The best Lexus lease offer will depend on what you need in your car. For example, a UX is a great choice for those who want a luxury small family car while the LC is perfect for those who want to experience the thrill of driving.

We’ll help you get the best Lexus lease deal possible. You can choose your contract length, annual mileage, fuel type, spec and more, all to suit your budget.

Can I Lease a Lexus for My Business?

Yes, we are able to offer Lexus business leasing. 

Leasing a luxury vehicle like a Lexus can leave a good impression on your clients, whether you're driving to client meetings, attending corporate events, or chauffeuring clients to your office.  

What Happens at the End of a Lexus Lease Deal?

When you reach the end of your Lexus lease you simply arrange for the vehicle to be collected and move onto your next car. 

We've put together a guide to the end of a car lease to help you understand the process of returning your lease car and the other options that may be available for you?

Are There Any Additional Fees Associated with a Lexus Lease Deal?

Here at Xcite Car Leasing, we have tried to make the leasing process as simple as possible for you, part of which is being transparent and upfront about the fees you will have to pay.

When you lease with us there will be an admin fee that is paid upfront before the finance contracts are completed and this is usually the only fee you have to pay outside of the cost of the lease.

The only other time you may encounter additional fees is at the end of your lease when you will be charged if there's excess wear and tear to the vehicle, damage or you've exceeded the mileage allowance. You will not be charged for this though if you look after the car and stay within your mileage allowance.

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