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Lexus ES Lease Deals

The ES is an executive saloon that is designed for luxury, from the soft leather seats and premium audio system to the rear seat control panel, that lets your passengers control their environment. It also uses self-charging hybrid technology to ensure you’re never stuck waiting at a charging point.

Lexus are committed to making sure their vehicles are not only luxuriously finished to a high quality for comfort and ease but also that they are at the forefront of cutting-edge technology, from the hybrid powertrain through to the optional systems and features like heads up display, touchpad controls and wireless charging. The ES has the additional option of digital side-view monitors that feed high-resolution images in real time to monitors, instead of traditional wing mirrors to reduce your blind spot.

It’s currently available in four trim levels; the ES, Premium Edition, F Sport and Takumi.

See our best leasing offers across the Lexus ES below or call us on 0330 221 0000 to discuss your options.

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