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Lexus LS Lease Deals

The LS is Lexus’ flagship saloon car and is now in its fifth generation, but still embodies the comfort, luxury and high quality of the original model.

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The latest models are self-charging hybrids and were designed using the world’s first multi-stage hybrid system which seamlessly combines the 3.5 litre V6 dual VVT-I petrol engine with an advance electric motor for the dynamic performance drivers have come to expect from the LS.

It is equipped with a lot of features that ensure you’re as comfortable as possible from the automatically lowering front seat bolsters when you touch the door handle for entry to the 28 way adjustable front seat that can also perform shiatsu massages.

The LS is currently available in three trim levels the L, F Sport and Takumi.

Scroll down to see the best Lexus LS leasing deals on the market right now, or compare it with the rest of our Lexus leasing deals to see how they measure up.

Who is the Ideal Driver for a Lexus LS Lease? 

As a luxury saloon, the Lexus LS can be a fantastic option as a business vehicle or company car, as it can exude a high level of professionalism and can be eye-catching to any clients or customers. 

It’s also extremely comfortable for both the driver and any passengers, with the LS providing a smooth drive no matter whether you’re travelling hundreds of miles or just around the corner. 

Compare Lexus LS Lease Deals

You can find all of our Lexus LS lease deals that are available right now in the list above. Simply find the right option for you and get started in building your deal, or you can contact us for assistance if you have any questions about a particular model. There’s also the option to filter down the sections even further via options such as the length of contract, fuel type, body type and more. 

Which Cars Are Similar to a Lexus LS Lease?

If you like the look of the Lexus LS but it’s not 100% right for you, you could take a look at a similar option in the form of the BMW 7 Series. It’s a really strong luxury saloon that provides a sportier driving experience than the LS while remaining comfortable and luxurious. Another model worth considering is the Audi A8, which also delivers powerful performance in a luxury package.  

Your Lexus LS Leasing Questions Answered

Why Should I Lease a Lexus LS with Xcite Car Leasing?

Leasing a Lexus LS can allow you to drive a brand-new luxury car without the need to part with massive lump sums in the short term. The resulting monthly payments will be fixed at a low rate too throughout the entire contract, so there’ll be no nasty surprises. You’ll also be able to swap to a newer model every few years, providing an added bit of flexibility. 

How Much Does It Cost to Lease a Lexus LS?

The cost of your Lexus LS lease deal will vary depending on a range of factors. Each individual model will have a different price, while the terms of your agreement will also affect the monthly payment price, such as the contract length and mileage allowance. Simply build your deal to find out how much you could get the Lexus LS for. 

What Will the Mileage Allowance Be?

As part of the application process, you can set your annual mileage allowance limit depending on how far you are estimated to travel per year. The lowest option is 5,000 miles, with options ranging up to 30,000 for those who will be on the roads for longer. 

How Much Will the Initial Deposit Be?

The initial rental payment will also be set during the application, with options of 1, 3, 6, 9 or 12 months worth of payments. The higher the initial rental payment, the lower your resulting payments will be, so it’s up to you to decide whether you’d prefer to make a bigger short term payment or spread them out a bit more. 

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