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Saloon cars are recognisable for their distinctive body shape, spacious passenger area and a closed boot that is separated from the passengers.

Traditionally the saloon has been seen as the car of choice for executives thanks to their spacious and comfortable passenger seats, generally good fuel economy and the latest in convenience and safety tech. However, today’s saloons are much more versatile vehicle and can be the ideal choice if you’re looking for a roomy family car but don’t want an SUV, are looking for a vehicle where your passenger has a comfortable seat with enough room for long journeys even in the back, or just want to try a sleeker body shape than a hatchback. There are also several sportier models on the market that combine sportier looks with powerful performance such as the redesigned BMW 3 Series.

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You’ll sometimes see a saloon car referred to as a sedan as this is what the body shape is called in some other countries, like America. These terms are interchangeable but in the UK they will be called saloons.

From the Audi A6 to the Mercedes CLS there’s a great range of high-quality vehicles for you to choose from in this category. You can browse all our great saloon deals on these and many more above, compare between models or use our search functions to find the saloon for you!

If you have any questions then you can give us a call on 03302210000 and speak to one of our Leasing Consultants who will be happy to help.

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