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Volkswagen Touareg Lease Deals

The VW Touareg is an SUV with an exterior designed for off-roading and an interior made for comfort making it a capable and enjoyable car to drive. We think it's the ideal choice if you're looking for a reliable SUV that delivers on performance handling everyday life and exciting adventures.

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With VW’s 4MOTION technology that powers each wheel individually the Toureg remains stable and in control no matter the terrain. Dynamic steering and air suspension ensure a smooth journey no matter the number of bumps in the road, and you’ve got a choice of premium interior materials as well as ergoComfort seat options for added lumbar support to make sure you’re in the most comfortable seat possible.

Volkswagen is a German brand that was designed to create affordable and reliable cars for all drivers and the Touareg is exactly that! 

Compare Volkswagen Touareg Lease Deals

You can see all our Touareg leasing offers by simply scrolling up. This is all our deals across all leasing profiles (mileage allowances, lease lengths, whether a business or personal lease) and on all specs of the Touareg but you can filter these using the search tools.

If you want to compare the Touareg to our other SUV offers, including other VW SUV lease deals, then head over to our SUV leasing page.

Your Volkswagen Touareg Leasing Questions Answered

What Are the Advantages of Leasing a Volkswagen Touareg?

Leasing brings with it many benefits which is why more and more drivers are choosing to lease over purchasing a car. You get to drive a brand-new vehicle and all the benefits that brings including no wear so lower maintenance costs and smoother running, no MOT costs for the first three years and the manufacturer’s warranty. You also won’t need to worry about the car value depreciating during the time you’re driving it as you don’t own it, which means there’s less financial stress on you when the time comes to get a new car.

Is the VW Touareg a Reliable Car?

Yes. Volkswagen is one of the most reliable manufacturers on the market and their models are known for their dependability for years so you can be sure that of you choose the Touareg for your new lease car then it will be reliable.

Is the VW Touareg Bigger Than the Tiguan?

Yes, the Touareg is bigger than the Tiguan. It’s 77mm longer and 44mm wider giving you a little more room on the interior for passengers and cargo.

How Much is a VW Touareg to Lease Per Month?

The exact cost of leasing a Touareg will depend on a number of factors including the deals that are available at the time as these can change depending on the manufacturer, stock levels and if we’re close to a model change.

When looking at a lease deal there are a few things that you decide which can affect the price of it and these include any additional extras you choose, the paint colour if it's a premium one, the lease length, the mileage allowance and whether you add a maintenance package as part of the agreement. 

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