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Volkswagen Tiguan Lease Deals

The Volkswagen Tiguan is an SUV that is designed around the driver, from the driver-centred cockpit to the high driving position and excellent stability and control it offers.

It's a fantastic choice for those who are looking for an SUV that's exciting to drive but functional for your family's needs too.

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In the latest model, there’s a number of high-tech updates including optional IQ.Light LED headlights, and VW’s travel assist system that combines a number of driving assistance systems to manage the road for you, including keeping you in the lane, maintaining and monitoring speed and distance from the vehicle in front of you. You'll also get four-wheel drive as an option on some models - just look for any model with 4Motion in its description.

There are currently three trim levels available which offer:

  • Life - includes a discover sat nav system with adaptive cruise control and dynamic road sign display which lets you know the speed limit and front and rear sensors
  • R-Life Edition - adds 19-inch wheels, sporty body kit and sports suspension as well as interior ambient lighting. 
  • Black - adds black alloys and a black exterior styling pack as well as the Discover Media navigation system, including streaming and internet. 

Who is the Ideal Driver for a Volkswagen Tiguan Lease?

The VW Tiguan is an ideal lease for families! It's from a reliable brand so a dependable model, has a range of efficient engines available (petrol, diesel and hybrid), and has plenty of space for passengers and cargo. 

The size is a strong selling point for the Tiguan with it offering a huge 977 litres of boot space with all five seats in use! This increases to 1,746 litres with the rear seats down. 

Compare Volkswagen Tiguan Lease Deals

Check out all our VW Tiguan leasing deals above or you can compare these to our other SUV deals to get a better idea of how it measures up against similar models. 

If you’d like to speak to someone about your Volkswagen leasing options then you can give us a call on 0330 221 0000 or use the chat feature in the bottom right of your screen.

Which Cars Are Similar to a Volkswagen Tiguan Lease?

Alternatively, you might like to compare the Tiguan with similar models. If that's the case then we recommend taking a look at the leasing deals we currently have on the Nissan Qashqai or Kia Sportage

Your Volkswagen Tiguan Leasing Questions Answered

Is Leasing a Volkswagen Tiguan Better Than Buying?

Leasing is becoming increasingly popular with drivers across the UK and there are many reasons why leasing is better than buying for them. If you decide to lease you’ll get a brand-new car every few years without the stress or financial concerns of buying and selling but instead for a fixed monthly price. Additionally, you’ll be able to include a maintenance package for added peace of mind, which will usually pay for itself covering servicing, MOTs and some expected wear to the vehicle.

The Tiguan is a great choice as it's got exceptional powertrains for you to choose from, great handling for city and country driving, and plenty of space. 

Is the Volkswagen Tiguan a Reliable Car?

Yes, the Tiguan is a very reliable car. Volkswagen is a brand known for creating dependable cars that you can rely on to keep running for years, provided you look after them.

Is the VW Tiguan Available as an Electric Car?

There is not yet a fully electric Tiguan but there is a plug-in hybrid version for drivers who want to make a greener choice.

What is the Range of the Electric VW Tiguan?

The electric range of the hybrid Tiguan is 30 miles.

Recharging a plug-in hybrid is easy to do and most will come with a charging connector that you will be able to use on most public units or a home charger. 

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