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Volkswagen Up Lease Deals

This stylish city car is recognisable for its compact square shape. The newest model is full of handy tech features like the maps + more dock that lets you connect your device for navigation, playlists and contacts while charging your phone. 

It's the ideal choice for drivers who want a small car for inner-city or town driving which is cheap to run and from a dependable brand, Volkswagen

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Despite its small exterior, the Up has plenty of room on the inside, with four adults fitting comfortably and a boot large enough for most pushchairs.

It's from a German brand that is known for producing reliable models, and when you lease you'll get a brand-new vehicle which benefits from the Manufacturer's warranty to help in case there is an issue with the vehicle, though it's unlikely, and you'll generally have lower maintenance costs due to no existing wear on the vehicle.

Compare Volkswagen Up Lease Deals

Available in the Up!, White Edition, Black Edition, Beats and R-Line models as well as the fully electric e-Up there’s a range of models for you to choose from and you can see them all listed above for you. You'll be able to compare across all specs and terms or if you want to filter it to options that meet a specific criteria then use one of our handy search tools to do this. 

Your Volkswagen Up Leasing Questions Answered

What Are the benefits of Leasing a Volkswagen Up?

There are many benefits to leasing your next car. You’ll get a brand-new VW Up for a set period of time with fixed monthly payments that are easy to manage and when the lease is over you’ll be able to trade it in for a new model without the hassle of buying and selling.

With a brand-new vehicle you’ll get all the latest in design and technology advances, the full manufacturer’s warranty and because the vehicle has not been used there will be no wear to it, so you’ll have lower maintenance costs and won’t need to pay for an MOT as it won’t need one for the first three years of its life. Additionally, if you lease the vehicle then the road tax will be covered by the lease funder.

How Much Does a VW Up Cost to Lease Per Month?

The exact cost of leasing a VW Up will depend on a number of factors and can change based on the deals available on the market. It’s not only the vehicle details, such as the spec level and optional extras you add that can impact the lease price but also the contract details you need. So, the length of the lease, the mileage allowance, whether it is a personal or business lease and if you include a maintenance package as part of the agreement will all factor into the cost of the lease. If you are looking to reduce the monthly payments then you can pay a larger initial rental, this will not reduce the total cost of the lease but by paying more at the start you’ll reduce the following monthly payments.

Is the VW Up a Reliable Car?

Yes, the Up is a very reliable small hatchback making it the perfect choice for a first car or if you’re looking for a city run around.

Is the VW Up a Cheap Car to Run?

Yes, the UP is one of the cheapest cars on the market to run, if you aren’t ready to look at EV’s just yet. It offers great fuel economy, has low emissions so doesn’t pay or pays the very lowest band of charges when entering low emission zones, low road tax (if you’re purchasing the vehicle) and insurance as it’s a smaller car.

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