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Volkswagen California Lease Deals

The VW California is a campervan that is ideal if you’re looking for a vehicle to travel in. With the small built-in kitchen and spacious interior, it makes the perfect choice if you like to take off for a spur of the moment trip or want the freedom of not being tied to one location on your holidays.

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Current models come with an elevating roof that electronically lifts when you’re stationary to give you more room when moving around in the rear of the car.

You can rely on Volkswagen for a reliable campervan as the German manufacturer is known for producing dependable vehicles that are designed for driver functionality. 

Compare Volkswagen California Lease Deals 

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Your Volkswagen California Leasing Questions Answered

What are the Benefits of Leasing a VW California?

There are many benefits to leasing, a lot of which are financial. You won’t have any large payments, unless you decide to make a larger initial rental to reduce your following monthly payments, lease vehicles are brand-new vehicles so have lower wear which means lower maintenance costs, no MOT needed for the first three years and the manufacturer’s warranty covering vehicle faults.

Is the Volkswagen California Good for Travelling In?

The VW California is great for travelling, it’s got a built-in kitchen, height extender for more room and a range of accessories to expand the space available. Alongside this the vehicle also comes with a lot of VW’s latest technology advances, including a digital cockpit and a range of driver assistance features.

Does the VW California Have a Built-In Kitchen?

Yes, the California comes with a fully built-in kitchen, that includes a cool box, sink and stove kitchen unit.

What is the Cheapest Leasing Deal for a VW California?

The cheapest lease deal for a VW California will depend on a number of things and we cannot guarantee one model will always be the cheapest. Prices can vary depending on the offers we are able to get from the manufacturer, dealers and finance companies. Additionally, the contract terms you are after can affect the lease price, this includes the lease length, mileage allowance and whether you are including a maintenance package.

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