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Nissan Lease Deals

Over the last hundred years, Nissan has cultivated a reputation for manufacturing high-quality vehicles of all sizes, from hatchbacks to SUVs and pick-ups.

With over six million sold worldwide, the Micra is a five-door hatchback that’s won First Car’s ‘New Car of the Year’ award for two years running, as well as their inaugural ‘Supermini of the Year’ in 2019. With its low running costs, spacious interior and seven-inch touchscreen infotainment centre it’s no surprise that the Micra is loved by customers and critics alike.

If you’re looking for something larger then you can choose from Nissan’s range of SUVs including the Qashqai, Juke and X-Trail the later of which is a seven-seater that has been designed for adventure.  

Which Nissan EVs are Available to Be Leased?

Nissan has several electric models for you to choose from, including their original EV the Leaf, though this has been upgraded since it first appeared on the market with a range of 168 miles or on the E+ of 239 miles. They've also got the Ariya which is the ideal electric SUV for families. 

Which is the Best Nissan Car to Lease?

It really depends on what you need as to which will be the best Nissan for you. Drivers looking for something sporty will enjoy the GT-R whilst those who need a reliable family car with plenty of space would be better suited to a Qashqai

Who are Nissan's Direct Competitors?

If you're looking to compare the Nissan lease deals below with similar models then we recommend taking a look at the leasing offers we have for Toyota, Ford and Honda.

Why Choose Xcite Car Leasing for Your Nissan Lease Deal?

Here at Xcite Car Leasing, we work with all of the UK's leading finance houses and a large network of dealerships around Great Britain in order to get the very best Nissan leases we can, both in terms of cheap lease prices and quick lead times. Our team is always on hand to help our customers, and they'd be happy to help if you have any questions. You can reach us on 0330 221 0000.

Xcite Car Leasing are here to provide you with your ideal Nissan leasing deal, no matter what you’re looking for. Simply use one of our search tools to filter by your budget and select from our wide range of vehicles.

Your Nissan Leasing Questions Answered

Why Should I Lease a Nissan?

With a superb range of vehicles from SUVs to streetwise Superminis, there is plenty to choose from when looking to lease a Nissan. No matter what your personal or business needs, Xcite Car Leasing will have the right Nissan for you.

Nissan is a brand known for producing reliable and practical models, that are fuel efficient, have family-friendly designs, and excellent safety and comfort ratings - and you can get them for an excellent price with our lease deals.

Are Nissan Personal Leasing Deals An Option?

Yes, you can lease a Nissan for either a personal use or business use, depending on your needs. We have a wide range of Personal Car Leasingdeals across the top Nissan models such as Leaf, Micra and Qashqai with leases ranging from two to four years.

Can I Add a Maintenance Package To My Nissan Leasing Deal?

You can add a maintenance package to your lease agreement that can cover servicing, tyres, MOT and other maintenance work that will be needed across the duration of your lease. Get more information on this in our Maintained Car Lease Guide.

What Is The Cheapest Nissan Available To Lease?

The price of your Nissan lease agreement will depend on the model you select, and whether it is for personal or business use. Two of the cheapest and best value for money models come in the form of the larger Juke and city-slick Micra.  

Which are the Most Popular Nissan Models to Lease?

The Nissan Qashqai is one of the best-selling cars in the UK, in fact, it topped the overall sales list for 2022. It remains popular due to its fuel-efficiency, low emissions, spacious interior and overall reliability and practicality.

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