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Porsche Lease Deals

Over 70 years after Ferdinand Porsche and his son Ferry started their own company, Porsche remains an independent producer of high-performance sports cars, and today their range includes a variety of models including electric and hybrids.

When they first set up their own business Ferdinand Porsche already had years of experience and innovation within the car industry, including designing the Volkswagen Beetle.

The first car that comes to mind when you think of Porsche is the 911. With over a million sold during its 50 years of production, it is hardly surprising that the 911 is still one of the best-selling sports cars on the market. The latest models pair the classic design and cutting-edge technology; with even more efficient engines, high-resolution display screens, and the Porsche Advance Cockpit control concept.  To see our best deals on 911s  just scroll down.

If you’re looking for something with the power and speed of a Porsche but with enough room to fit the entire family then the Cayenne could be the car for you. Despite its sleek and slim exterior, the Cayenne is roomier than it looks, with a flexible 40:20:40 folding arrangement and a maximum capacity 1,710-litre boot.

A Porsche lease is ideal for those that have a passion for the prestigious brand name but don't want to commit to long-term ownership. The Porsche leasing options we offer at Xcite Car Leasing allow you to enjoy the feeling of driving a Porsche without the large lump sums involved as well. 

A Porsche lease deal can also be ideal for business professionals as it can provide a stylish image for any corporate events or client meetings. 

Which Porsche EVs are Available to Lease? 

The Taycan is Porsches first electric sports car. Drivers may initially have been concerned that an EV couldn't match the power and performance that Porsche is known for but the Taycan alleviated those fears. It has a low centre of gravity, optional four-wheel-drive, and extremely responsive steering. It's a true rival to all sports cars, not just electric models. 

In the past few years, Porsche has developed a series of electric hybrids as well including the Cayenne E-Hybrid and the Panamera E-Hybrid in several models.

Which is the Best Porsche Model to Lease? 

There is a great selection of Porsche lease deals available today that offer the perfect blend of performance, style and comfort. From the iconic Porsche 911 to the versatile Porsche Macan and the electrifying Porsche Taycanm we have a wide range of models to cater to every preference. Each model embodies the brand's rich heritage and dedication to delivering an exceptional driving experience. The best model for you will depend on what you're looking for as they each offer different advantages.

The 911 is an iconic sports car that remains popular thanks to its timeless design and fantastic performance levels. It has a powerful engine, precise handling and a luxurious interior.

The Cayman offers a pure driving experience and is one of Porsche's more affordable models. The Boxster is similar to the Cayman and is known for its agility, balanced chassis and overall high standards. 

The Panamera is a luxury sedan that combines comfort and performance. It provides a spacious interior along with advanced technology and impressive acceleration. 

The Macan is a compact SUV that's versatile enough to be effective in multiple environments whether it's the school run or a weekend away. It combines the power of an SUV with the sports car DNA that Porsche is known for.

The Cayenne is a mid-sized luxury SUV that has a range of engines available, including a hybrid variant. The Cayenne includes ample space for passengers and luggage while maintaining the power and style that is expected of a Porsche.

Who are the Direct Competitors of Porsche?

Porsche's main rivals include Lamborghini and Maserati. If you're looking for a more affordable car with plenty of power then we'd also recommend looking at what Audi has to offer.

Why Choose Xcite Car Leasing for Your Porsche Lease Deal? 

Here at Xcite Car Leasing, we help drivers with Porsche personal leasing, with great lease prices across all models and a range of contract terms. We're also able to offer Porsche business leasing, for company drivers and the self-employed. We work with all of the UK's leading finance companies and an extensive network of dealerships around the country in order to get the best business and personal lease deals over two, three and four years. 

Our team of leasing experts is here to guide you through the process and ensure you find the perfect Porsche lease deal at a competitive price.

Browse our range of Porsche lease deals here at Xcite Car Leasing and find the perfect match to suit your driving style. Or contact our expert team today to learn more about our exclusive offers and start your exhilarating Porsche leasing experience. 

Your Porsche Leasing Questions Answered

Benefits of leasing a Porsche?

Due to their high-performing standards, buying a Porsche outright can be an expensive process. You can save money in both the long and short term by leasing instead, with low monthly payments and paying a lower initial deposit. With a lease you don't need to worry about the value of the car having depreciated when you're ready to move on, as you don't own the car or need to sell it at the end of the lease. 

Porsech is a great brand if you're looking for a car that offers incredible performance levels, engineering excellence, iconic design and top-of-the-range tech. 

Does a Porsche lease include maintenance?

With a deal from Xcite Car Leasing, you can choose whether you would like to add a maintenance package to your agreement too. This can cover any servicing, tyres, MOTs and other maintenance work for the duration of your lease.

Which is the cheapest Porsche to lease?

As mentioned, Porsche is a luxury brand but this doesn't mean there aren't great deals available. The Porsche Macan tends to be the cheapest option, followed closely by the Cayman. Prices can change over time though so be sure to check back to see the latest prices on your preferred Porsche leasing deal. 

Which is the right Porsche leasing option for me?

It will depend on your circumstances. For example, if you want a luxury sportscar then the 911 may be right for you, while if you want an SUV with a powerful engine and an aerodynamic drive, the Macan will be a better option.  

How Does Porsche Leasing Work?

Here at Xcite Car Leasing we've worked hard to streamline and simplify the leasing process so getting your new Porsche is as easy as possible. 

A lease agreement is a financial contract, we will help find the best contract for you with the right terms on your ideal Porsche. 

You'll agree to the:

  • Specific vehicle model
  • Contract length (2, 3 and 4 years)
  • Mileage allowance 
  • Maintenance provisions

You'll sign contracts that confirm these details, and outline your and the funder's responsibilities. Once the lease agreement is signed delivery can be arranged and you can drive your brand-new Porsche until the end of the lease, provided you adhere to the terms and conditions. When you reach the end of the agreement you simply arrange for the car to be collected and move onto your next car. 

What Insurance Coverage Do I Need When I Lease a Porsche?

When you take out a lease agreement you will usually be required to have fully comprehensive insurance coverage. This is required by the funder and will be one of the terms in your lease agreement.

The Xcite Car Leasing team can help with any insurance questions you may have when you are arranging your new Porsche lease and can also provide additional information on other insurance products such as GAP insurance

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