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Jeep was established over 75 years ago in the 1940s when the American army solicitated bids for a new vehicle. The light reconnaissance vehicle needed to weigh only a quarter of a ton and be tailored to their specifications. Only three companies responded, Bantam, Willys and Ford, and collectively they designed the MB, the very first Jeep.

Since then, Jeep has gone on to become a brand recognised around the world for their all-terrain SUVs, and in 1951 the Museum of Modern Art even declared Jeep a cultural icon.

Relaunched in 2007, the new 2-door Wrangler was designed to honour the first MB, with its round headlights, removable doors, fold down windshield, and removable and convertible tops it embodies the very best of the classic Jeep, but pairs this with modern designs and the latest technology.

The Jeep range also includes the midsize Cherokee, the larger Grand Cherokee, the Compass and the compact Renegade. 

Your Jeep Lease Questions Answered

Why Should I Lease a Jeep?

A reliable and powerful brand that can handle all kinds of terrain, Jeeps are versatile and capable. Lease your Jeep for either personal or business use and own a dream brand for a cheaper cost than buying outright.

Why Is Leasing a Jeep Better Than Buying?

Not only can you avoid paying for your vehicle in one huge lump sum, a Jeep lease means you can take to the roads in an impressive motor with lower monthly payments. Plus, you can trade it in for a newer model when your lease is up.

Which Jeep Lease Is Cheapest?

How much you’ll spend on your lease depends on a few different factors. Some models are more expensive than others, so choose the one that suits your personal needs and budget. If you’re choosing a business leasing plan, this can result in cheaper monthly payments.

Which is the Right Jeep Lease Deal For Me?

This is all up to you – if you’ll be prioritising driving performance, then a Jeep Renegade lease will be the perfect option. After something with integrated and seamless technology? Then the Wrangler might be more relevant for what you’re looking for out of your vehicle.

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