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Citroen Lease Deals

One of Europe’s bestselling manufacturers for the past century, Citroen is known for their ability to pair innovative technology with comfortable exteriors at great prices.

From city cars to people carriers and vans, Citroen offer a selection of their latest technology across all variants, including their award winning Puretech 3-cylinder petrol engine, Airbump panels and touchscreen consoles.

We offer Citroen personal leasing and Citroen business leasing deals. There will be a difference in the prices quoted for individuals and businesses due to the business being able to reclaim the VAT and you can see both prices for each model. It should be easy to tell whether you are looking at personal or business details as we aim to make it as clear as possible, however if you ever want to confirm a price our team will be happy to advise. 

Which Citroen EVs are Available to Be Leased?

Citroen have plenty of electric cars in their range, and we've got deals on them all! 

The e-C4 offers a quiet driving experience with direct acceleration and smooth suspension for a phenomenal driving experience. It also features Advanced Comfort Seats, surrounded by purposefully designed ergonomics for a comfortable experience. 

The e-Berlingo is a family vehicle with plenty of flexible living space and tons of storage capacity, and is available with five or seven seats. If you have an active life or a mid-sized family then the e-Berlingo can provide you with practicality and versatility. 

Or if you're a larger family then the e-Space Tourer is an excellent choice. It has all of the versatility of a nine-seat MPV combined with the smooth driving experience of an electric car.

Which is the Best Citroen to Lease? 

A Citroen lease is ideal for those that want a car that offers exceptional value for money while providing a top level of reliability, but the best Citroen lease for you will depend on your individual needs. 

If you’re looking for a room hatchback, with all of the latest tech and a unique design then the C4 Cactus may be the hatchback for you.

In 2018 Citroen revealed the redesigned Berlingo, and since then it has won a number of awards including the overall Van or Commercial Vehicle of the Year at the 2022 What Car? awards. Available in two sizes, M (4.4m) and XL (4.75m), with a load volume of up to 4,000 litres and a load length of 3 metres when the seats are all folded down in the XL version, the Berlingo is sure to fit everything you need with space to spare so it's the ideal choice for larger families. 

Who are Citroen's Direct Competitors?

We think it's wise to compare lease deals with those from similar brands to make sure that you're getting the best price on the right car. In terms of comparing Citroen with similar brands, we recommend looking at their main rivals, Volkswagen, Renault and Vauxhall.

Why Choose Us for Your Citroen Lease Deal?

Here at Xcite Car Leasing, we work hard to find the very best leasing deals we can for our customers. Over the last two decades in the industry we've cultivated strong relationships with all of the UK's leading funders and a large network of dealerships which helps us to find cheap Citroen leases and in stock cars. Our team is full of experienced Leasing Consultants and Customer Service Advisers who will find your perfect lease and ensure the process runs smoothly for you. 

The Citroen range also includes the C3 Aircross and C5 Aircross SUVS, and the even larger Spacetourers.

Your Citroen Leasing Questions Answered

Why Should I Get a Citroen Lease?

An innovative car brand with good prices, Citroen is one of the world’s most reliable yet impressive manufacturers. Popular models such as the C3 and C3 Aircross are available to lease without spending a lot of money on one outright sum. If at the end of your lease you want to upgrade to a new model or try something new, then you can.

Is a Citroen Lease Deal Better Than Buying?

Citroen vehicles don’t tend to hold their value as well as other brands, which isn’t a good quality if you were to buy it outright, as when the time comes to sell, you’ll see a large depreciation in its value. Citroen lease deals allow you to enjoy the experience of the manufacturer without having to worry about how much it is worth at the end of your lease.

How Much Does a Citroen Finance Deal Cost?

Leasing deals are dependent on what you want from them. Having a play around with different models and needs will allow you to find the most attractive price for your financial situation and budget.  

Our expert team is also available to help find the perfect Citroen lease deal to suit your needs, simply give us a call on 0330 221 0000.

Which is the Right Citroen Leasing Deal for Me?

What do you want from your leasing plan? A cheaper monthly payment or something pricier and more premium? If you’re looking for a compact runaround then the C1 would be perfect for you. Do you have a bigger family and have space requirements? Then take a look at the Spacetourer

Which are the Most Popular Citroen Models to Lease?

The C3 is the best-selling Citroen model than to its cheap price, reliability and sleek design which makes it the ideal choice for drivers who want a new hatchback. 

Which is the Cheapest Citroen to Lease?

Citroen lease prices will regularly change as the discounts available from funders, manufacturers and dealers update so we cannot guarantee a particular deal will always be the cheapest, or even that a specific model will have the cheapest price. That being said, generally, the C3 is on of Citroen's most affordable models and you'll usually see the cheapest deals on it. 

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