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Founded in France in 1899 by three brothers, Renault is a versatile brand with a huge selection of vehicles suitable for every lifestyle; from compact city cars to comfortable family cars and spacious SUVs.

With a history in car racing including Formula One and rally driving,  Renault has built a reputation in the motoring world for their powerful and adaptable motors.

Renault’s range remains popular in the UK, especially their compact, light vehicles like the Clio which has been on our roads since 1990, as well as the Megane, which has been around since 1995.

But it’s not just the smaller vehicles that are popular, If you’re looking for something a little larger, Renault also has a range of SUVs, the impressive Captur, the Arkana and the Kadjar.

Renault is dedicated to offering green options, with both electric and hybrid models available including the Zoe, Megane, and Clio.

Your Renault Leasing Questions Answered

Is a Renault a Good Car to Lease?

Renault has an incredible selection of family-orientated vehicles from city cars to large family cars. A Renault lease is affordable, versatile and filled with handy tech to improve your driving experience and make it easier than ever before to keep the car tidy and the kids entertained even on the longest of journeys.

Why is it Better to Lease a Renault Rather Than Buy?

With a Renault car lease, you get a brand-new vehicle for a fixed monthly fee rather than paying out a large sum of money. You also don’t have to be concerned about owning a car which will depreciate significantly, typically around 60% in the first three years. At the end of your contract, just hand the vehicle back and arrange for your new lease car to be delivered.

Not only will you be able to budget thanks to the cost being fixed, but the lease also covers road tax (at the cost of first taxation) and you’ll have the manufacturer’s warranty. You can add on a maintenance package to cover you for servicing, MOTs and more.

Which Renault Leasing Deal Should I Choose?

There’s a huge choice of Renault car leasing opportunities from hatchbacks to SUVs. You should choose a car based on your driving habits and space demands as well as what you like the look of and is in your budget.

If you want a compact but powerful vehicle, the Clio or Zoe will be ideal for you. But, if you need a little more space, you could choose the Kadjar or Captur for a roomier ride and bigger cargo area.

Browse all our current deals or give us a call on 0330 221 0000 to find the perfect Renault for you!

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