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Renault Zoe Leasing Deals & Offers

The Renault Zoe is a fully electric city car. Winner of the What Car? Small Electric Car Award for 2020, as well as awards for the previous six years the Zoe is a favourite for any driver looking to go electric.

It's a spacious hatchback with a WLTP range of up to 245 miles between charges, and has all of the latest cutting-edge technology such as driving assistance systems, including a number of features like parking cameras, and the optional 9.3-inch touchscreen tablet-style infotainment centre

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Renault is a French brand that is known for its dependable models and the Zoe has been a popular car on UK roads for over 10 years because of it's reliability.

Compare Renault Zoe Lease Deals

The Zoe is available in three different trim options; the Play, Iconic and GT Line and you can see all our great leasing offers across all three above. If there's a model or lease term you know you're looking for then you can filter the results using our search functions, otherwise compare them all to find the best option for you.

If you're interested in an EV then you should also take a look at our other electric leasing deals to see if the Zoe is the right option for you or if we have something even better!

Your Renault Zoe Leasing Questions Answered

What are the Benefits of Leasing a Renault Zoe?

With a Renault Zoe lease, you can drive away a brand-new car for much lower initial payments than you would need if you were to buy the car outright.

You will also not be tied down to any major long-term commitments, as when the lease agreement comes to an end you can simply hand the car back, and are free to look for a deal on a newer model.

What is the Range of the Renault Zoe?

Renault claims that the Zoe has an electric range of up to 238 miles before it will need to be fully charged once again.

How Long Does a Zoe Take to Charge?

It can be charged up to 80% in just 50 minutes with a rapid charger of more than 50kW. With a 22kW charger, it can be charged from empty to full in 3 hours, while this increases to 8 hours for a 7kW charger.

What is the Cheapest Renault Zoe Lease Deal?

As the deals available frequently change we can’t guarantee that a particular model will always have the best prices available on it or what the cheapest Zoe price will be. You can find the cheapest deal by simply clicking on the business or personal leasing tab depending on the type of lease you are looking for and this will display the deals in price order for you.

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