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Cupra Lease Deals

First introduced as a sub-brand of SEAT, Cupra is now its own standalone brand and has been since 2018 with a range of exceptional models ready to be leased today.

Described as an ‘unconventional challenger brand’ Cupra takes a lot of their styling from their Spanish beginnings and today have a successful motorsport team to back them up, in the form of Cupra Racing.

Which Cupra EVs are Available to Be Leased?

The latest addition to Cupra's stable house is the Cupra Born - a fully electric car that's versatile enough to be a company car, a small family vehicle or a thrilling drive for the environmentally conscious. it seamlessly blends sports and performance with style and comfort. 

It's got a maximum range of 343 miles on a single charge and can quickly be recharged using a rapid charger. 

We're not the only ones who think that the Cupra Borne is a great choice, it won the What Car?'s Best Electric Family Car award in 2022. 

Which is the Best Cupra Model to Lease?

There are some brilliant models available to lease with us, such as the Cupra Leon, a slick hatchback that is ideal for all scenarios. If you’re looking for something a bit on the larger side, the Formentor is available in both petrol and electric and is ideal for those family days out.

For those looking for luxury, the Ateca is quick and practical while handling superbly well.  The first car to wear the Cupra badge since the rebrand, it ties SUV stylings with a luxurious interior and is a smooth drive on both rural and urban roads.

A Cupra lease is ideal for those that want to stand out from the crowd with a car that combines style with a sporty flair no matter which car you choose! 

Who are Cupra's Direct Competitors?

Cupra's main rivals are Audi, Ford and Volvo. So if you're looking to compare any of the deals shown below with similar models we recommend looking at what these three brands have to offer first.

Why Choose Us for Your Cupra Lease Deal?

Xcite Car Leasing can find the perfect Cupra leasing deal for you, no matter what you’re looking for. Use our special filter to select your budget and choose from a wide range of petrol and electric Cupra models.

Whether you're interested in Cupra personal leasing or Cupra business leasing then our team will be able to help you. We work hard to ensure we have the very best leasing offers for both individuals and companies and the prices you see listed will be some of the most affordable on the market. 

Your Cupra Leasing Questions Answered

Why Should I Lease a Cupra?

Since the rebrand from SEAT Sport, Cupra has proven to be a phenomenal high-performance automotive brand and has plenty of great models to choose from. As a relatively new brand, leasing could be the ideal option to drive away a new car without having a pay a premium price in one go.

What Is The Difference Between Cupra and SEAT?

Both brands fall under the umbrella of the VW group, with Cupra branching off as SEAT's more sporty sibling back in 2018.

Can I Lease a Cupra For My Business?

Yes, business leasing is available as long as your business meets the eligibility criteria. Leasing a Cupra is a superb choice for your next company car if you need a slick looking vehicle that's relatively cheap to run. 

Which Is The Cheapest Cupra To Lease?

The Cupra Leon tends to be the cheapest when looking for a leasing deal online, as a smaller car compared to its bigger counterparts the Ateca and Formentor.  However, the best deals available will change and there may be a time when you can get a better value deal on a higher-spec vehicle or a model that's typically pricier. 

Are Cupra Cars Reliable?

Cupra models are well known for their reliability, with Cupra cars sharing most mechanical parts with SEAT models and the wider Volkswagen group. 

Their engines are able to last for hundreds of thousands of miles without any issues.

Which are the Most Popular Cupra Models to Lease?

Since it first launched the Formentor has been the most popular Cupra in terms of sales and lease deals worldwide. However, the fully electric Cupra Born is a close second and as electric becomes more popular we expect the Born to increase in popularity.

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