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Cupra Leon Lease Deals

The Leon was a best-selling model from parent company SEAT. Therefore it's little surprise that when Cupra was established as its own brand, this popular model was reimagined by the new performance-first manufacturer.

The Cupra Leon is available as a hatchback or estate and both offer drivers an exciting ride. You'll also get the option of a plug-in hybrid version for drivers looking to make a greener choice without sacrificing the performance or power of a Cupra, simply look for any models that have the eHybrid name.

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Cupra might be a relatively new brand but they were formed to be the performance arm of SEAT, which has years of experience in the industry, so you can be sure that the Cupra Leon is not just a fast car but a reliable one as well.

What Type of Driver Is a Cupra Leon Lease Perfect For?

The Cupra Leon is a great choice for drivers who want a fun and functional car. If looks and performance are important to you, but you still need a car that's practical for everyday driving and family life then this is the car for you.

With both hatchback and estate bodies available it can easily meet your space needs, whether that's the more compact hatchback or the larger estate with a 620 litre boot. 

Compare Cupra Leon Lease Deals 

You can see all our current Cupra Leon leasing prices in the offers above. These will all be up to date for you, as we regularly check the deals available with all of the UK's leading funders and a large network of dealerships across the country. This means you can always get the best prices available at the time.

We're currently able to offer deals on all three trim levels, the V1, VZ2 and VZ3. The V1 is the entry model, and showcases Cupra's tech focus and forward-thinking design with a digital cockpit, 12-inch touchscreen infotainment centre, smartphone connectivity and rear-view camera. Upgrade to the VZ2 trim and you'll get LED headlights, privacy glass as well as adaptive chassis and speed-sensitive power steering. Top-of-the-line VZ3 offers plenty of premium touches like wireless phone charging and heated leather sports seats. 

Which Cars Are the Main Alternatives to a Cupra Leon Lease?

Rivals of the Cupra Leon include the VW Golf and the Skoda Octavia, so we'd recommend taking a look at both of these if you want to compare the Cupra Leon lease deals with close competitors. Of course, you might also want to compare the Cupra Leon with the SEAT Leon to see which model is the right one for you.

Your Cupra Leon Leasing Questions Answered

What Are the Benefits of Leasing a Cupra Leon?

Leasing is the easiest way to drive away in a brand-new Cupra Leon. Unlike buying a car outright, you don’t need to pay in full upfront. Instead, you’ll pay an initial deposit followed by low monthly payments over the length of your lease deal.

Once your contract is up, return your car to us and start looking for your next deal. It really is that simple!

We think the Cupra Leon is a great choice for drivers who want a responsive car, thanks to its sharp handling and quick steering. Hybrid models also offer better tax rates, and there's plenty of space and practicality along with the 300hp. 

Is the SEAT Leon and Cupra the Same?

The SEAT Leon and the Cupra Leon are separate models. However, you may spot some similarities between the two cars, as the two share many of the same parts.

This is because SEAT Cupra models were originally the sports editions of SEAT vehicles. However, in 2018, the Cupra name became a brand in its own right, separate to SEAT.

How Much is a Cupra Leon to Lease Per Month?

The exact cost of leasing a Cupra Leon will depend on a number of factors including the exact car trim and spec level and any extra features you choose to add to the vehicle.

Additionally, the terms of the contract can have an impact on the monthly rentals, so the length of the lease, whether you add a maintenance package to the agreement, the annual mileage allowance, if you are leasing as a business or an individual and whether you want to pay a larger initial rental to reduce the following monthly payments.

Is the Cupra Leon a Good Car?

Available in both electric and petrol powertrains, the Cupra Leon brings the manufacturer's racing history to your daily journeys. Sleek and sophisticated, the car’s unmistakable style will be the first thing you notice, but there’s plenty to impress inside the vehicle too.

ACC Predictive senses traffic up ahead and controls your speed accordingly, while Exit Warning alerts prevent passengers from opening the door into oncoming traffic. With a heated steering wheel and remote temperature control via an app, plenty of useful tech awaits you inside the Leon.

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