A Guide to the Different Car Body Shapes

Across the motor industry there’s a number of different body shapes and styles for you to choose from and each comes with its own pros and cons.

In this guide we’ll look at the top six body shapes:

To help you decide which the best option is for your needs we’ve taken a look at each of these and the benefits and costs that come with each of them.

Coupe Cars


What is a Coupe?

A coupe is a two-door car that’s designed to be as aerodynamic as possible for the best, and fastest, driving experience possible. This means they tend to sit low to the ground, have sleek bodies with sloping rears and powerful engines.

Coupes can be two-seaters or can have a second row of seats to make them a four / five-seater though even with the rear seats they tend to remain two-doored, with the front seats folding forward to allow rear passengers to get in and out.

Why Choose a Coupe?

A coupe is a great choice if you’re looking for a sporty vehicle that lets you experience the thrill of driving but is still suitable for your regular driving needs.

We wouldn’t recommend a coupe if you’re looking for a car with plenty of space for passengers but if that’s not a priority for you then there’s plenty of room to carry all your essentials.

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Convertible Cars


Convertibles and coupes are often grouped together as typically a convertible is very similar to a coupe in styling as they both tend to be smaller, sportier models. However, a convertible does not have to be a coupe – in fact there’s even been convertible SUV models before!

What is a Convertible?

A convertible is simply a car that has a retractable roof so that it can be converted into an open-top model. The roof can be either a soft top, made of material making it easy to fold down compactly, or a hardtop, so that it blends better with the rest of the vehicle when up.

Why Choose a Convertible?

A convertible is a great choice for drivers with a sense of adventure who want to connect with the world around them as they drive.

If you like to take advantage of the nicer weather then a convertible can help you make the most of those sunny days, even if you’re just driving into the office. They can be fun to drive no matter the weather though, as long as it’s not raining, as long as you wrap up warm. These days most modern models will be able to put the roof up and down electronically within a few seconds and some will even work whilst moving at low speeds so you don’t have to find a parking spot before getting the roof up.

One thing to be mindful of is that the structural integrity of the roof won’t be as strong as a non-convertible model but they are still vigorously tested and meet the safety standards.

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Hatchback Cars


What is a Hatchback?

The hatchback gets its name from the upwards opening boot door which resembles the way a hatch works. In a hatchback you’ll usually be able to access the rear seating area via the boot space as well, though you may need to lower one of the rear seats to do so.

Hatchbacks tend to be smaller models than estates and saloons, though this isn’t a set rule more a general guideline, which means they attract drivers who want something small enough to get around easily but large enough to fit children, work kits and anything else they might need.

In the UK hatchbacks are one of the biggest classes of vehicles on the market which means there are plenty of different models for you to choose from. Including hot hatches, which are hatchbacks that have a powerful boost beneath the bonnet for those wanting an exciting experience.

Why Choose a Hatchback?

The VW golf, the Ford Fiesta and Focus, the Audi A3 and the Fiat 500 have all got one thing in common, they’re hatchbacks. There’s a reason that hatchback models are some of the bestselling models throughout history and that’s because they are ideal cars for many different people. First time drivers, families and economic businessmen have all found their perfect model in a hatchback.

There’s such a range within hatchbacks that you can find your ideal smaller model no matter your priorities, whether you want all the latest tech, comfortable space for passengers or a powerful engine.

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Saloon Cars


What is a Saloon?

Saloon cars are very similar to hatchbacks but will typically be a little larger and have more of a focus on passenger comfort however the main difference is one you won’t usually spot unless you’re looking for it. The seating and cargo areas are separated and you will not be able to access the rear seating area from the boot or visa versa.

Why Choose a Saloon?

There’s a reason that the saloon is the executive’s model of choice and that’s because they’re some of the most comfortable and spacious models on the market. Not only do saloons offer the driver a smoother ride but they also prioritise passenger comfort, giving more space for the rear passengers' heads, legs and shoulders making it more realistic that three adults could fit in the rear seat. So if space and comfort are a priority for you then why not take a look at a saloon?

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Estate Cars


What is an Estate Car?

Estate models are essentially a hatchback with more room for cargo in the form of a larger boot. This is why you will often find that a manufacturer will have a hatchback and estate version of a particular model.

Compared to the hatchback, estate cars have a longer wheelbase in order to give them the extra room and though some offer passengers a little more space the majority of this extra room is for the longer boot space. Just like a hatchback, the rear seats are accessible from the boot and you can fold them down in order to provide you with even more space. With the seats down most estate vehicles will offer the same volume of space as a small van.

Until recently estate cars were known for their boxy, rectangular appearance like the original V90 but as a class they’ve undergone a makeover with sleeker lines and eye-catching curves.

Why Choose an Estate Car?

Estate vehicles are a great choice if you frequently have to move a lot of stuff but don’t want to lose passenger space.

Many families choose estate vehicles as there’s plenty of room for the pram, sports kits and anything else they might need to carry whilst still fitting the car seats safely. Additionally, with the extra space and lower boot lip than SUVs estates are great cars for getting dogs in and out.

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What is an SUV?

A Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) is a car designed for off-roading to handle any terrain you can find in the UK. They have a higher ground clearance, four-wheel-drive and other features to ensure a smooth ride whether you’re on the motorway or in a field.

SUVs have come a long way since they were first introduced and are now a popular alternative to an estate model with drivers who are looking for plenty of room for their cargo and passengers as many have seven-seat options.

Why Choose an SUV?

If you’re looking for a car that has plenty of space then an SUV could be a great choice for you. There are models with seven-seats for larger families, big boots and accessories for keeping you pet safe while travelling and flexible seating arrangements to make sure you can carry everything you need to.

The high driving position gives you a better view of the road ahead and some drivers feel an additional sense of security in driving a larger car that has a big road presence.

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