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Convertible cars are ones that have a retractable roof and can be driven with it up or down. There are several different styles of convertibles with various retracting methods and hard or soft top models so you can be sure there’s an option that will appeal to you.

Modern convertibles have electronic opening and closing roofs so you can open or close them quickly, with some even operating while the vehicle is moving at low speeds. In a country where the weather can rapidly change, and summer showers are never too far away this is a necessary feature.

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If you’re looking for something sporty and good looking then a convertible is a great choice as they’re known for their sporty nature and stylish looks, providing you with a thrilling ride no matter the weather with the top up or down. There’s plenty of options for you to choose from with most brands offering a convertible of some kind, even if it’s as unique as the Range Rover Evoque convertible.

With deals on the Fiat 500C, Mini Convertible, BMW 2 Series Convertible and many more you’re sure to find a convertible that’s right for you at a great price with us. You can check out our top of the range convertibles leasing deals below or if you want to speak to one of our Leasing Consultants then just give us a call on 03302210000.

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