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Range Rover Evoque Lease Deals

The Range Rover Evoque is a great choice if you’re looking for an SUV that is great on and off-road, finished to a high quality and with plenty of room for the whole family to fit comfortably. 

The Evoque offers drivers a practical SUV with a polished finish and a number of innovative technological systems and features including ClearSight Ground View which uses cameras to let you 'see through' the bonnet to the ground below.

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If you're interested in the Evoque but want to make a greener or more fuel efficient choice then it's also available as a plug-in hybrid which you can use in fully EV mode or parallel hybrid to maximise the hybrid benefits. If you want to find out more about why you should choose a hybrid take a look at the benefits of hybrids.

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Check out our deals on the full Range Rover Evoque range below or visit our Land Rover leasing page to compare it with our other Land Rover leasing options.

Here at Xcite Car Leasing, we work with all of the UK's leading funders as well as a large network of dealers around the country in order to get the very best leasing deals for you so you can be assured that the prices listed are some of the best on the market.

Your Range Rover Evoque Leasing Questions Answered

Is Leasing a Range Rover Evoque Better Than Buying?

Leasing a Range Rover Evoque is an affordable way of driving a new car. By choosing to lease instead of buy, you’ll have the pick of the latest models and won’t have to worry about paying the full cost of the car upfront.

You’ll often get a better deal with lower monthly repayments over a fixed term, which could mean your budget stretches that little bit further.

Your road tax will be covered for you when you take out a Range Rover Evoque lease, and you don’t have to worry about your car depreciating. Simply return your car at the end of the contract and decide which model to lease next!

How Much Can the Range Rover Evoque be Leased for?

The exact cost of leasing a Range Rover Evoque will depend on a number of factors including the spec and fuel choice you make for the vehicle as well as the contract length, mileage allowance and whether you include a maintenance package. The amount you pay for your initial rental will also have an impact on the following monthly payments as the initial rental is part of the overall lease cost which remains the same, so by paying more at the start you can reduce the monthly rentals.

Is the Range Rover Evoque Available as a Hybrid Electric?

Yes, the Range Rover Evoque is available as a hybrid electric vehicle. The hybrid model combines a 3-cylinder, 1.5 litre petrol engine with an electric motor to hit an impressive output of 309HP.

What is the Range of an Electric Evoque?

The plug-in hybrid Range Rover Evoque model delivers a 39-mile range, according to official figures.

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