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Volkswagen Caddy California Maxi Lease Deals

The VW Caddy California Maxi is a slightly larger version of the Caddy California the best-selling compact campervan based on their Caddy car. It includes all the essentials you need for any overnight adventures with a fold down bed, pull out kitchenette and travel table and chairs for alfresco dining.

It’s an ideal choice for driver who want a car they can use for the school runs and drive to the office as well as for adventurous trips around the UK.

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Volkswagen is a German manufacturer who is known for creating affordable and reliable cars that are designed for everyday life and the Caddy California Maxi is no exception to this so you can be sure it will be as functional as it is fun.

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Check out our current best Caddy California Maxi leasing prices above. These are across the full range of trim levels and available spec options so if you’re looking for something in particular you can narrow these down using the search tools.

Your Caddy California Maxi Leasing Questions Answered

What are the Reasons to Lease a Volkswagen Caddy California Maxi?

There are a lot of reasons to lease your next vehicle especially when it is a model like the Caddy California Maxi, which has a high initial purchase price. You’ll be able to lease a brand-new model for a set period of time with fixed monthly payments and then when the lease is over simply trade it in for a new model on your next contract.

What’s the Difference Between Caddy and Caddy California Maxi?

There are two main differences between the Caddy and Caddy California Maxi, the first is that the Caddy California Maxi is a campervan as opposed to a traditional car layout, which is what the Caddy has. The second is that the Caddy California Maxi is larger.

How Much Bigger is a Caddy California Maxi?

The Caddy California Maxi is 353mm longer than the standard Caddy California.

Is the Caddy California Maxi Good for a Business?

Unless your business regularly involves travelling then you the Caddy California Maxi would not be a good choice for your company as the rear of the vehicle has the living compartment so there’s not as much room for storing work goods.

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