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Volkswagen Caddy California Lease Deals

The VW Caddy California is a compact campervan based on the popular Caddy multi-person vehicle so it’s not only ideal for quick get aways but practical for every day life as well.

With a fold-out bed and pull-out kitchen, there’s everything you need for an overnight stop or short camping trip, though it’s only suitable for two people really so if you’re looking for a family camper you’d be better with one of VW’s larger California models.

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The Caddy California might not be the roomiest of campers but the compact size means it’s easy to get around in and you’ll still have all the essentials as VW has made sure it’s kitted out for your needs. There’s a fold-away table and chairs, blinds for added privacy and the optional tent you can buy to expand the living area while camping.

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You can see all our top Caddy California leasing offers above, or if you want to compare them with other Caddy models, including the original Caddy, the Caddy Maxi, and the Caddy California Maxi then head back to our main VW page to see the offers we have available on them.

Your Volkswagen Caddy California Leasing Questions Answered

Why Should I Lease a Volkswagen Caddy California?

If you’re looking at a VW Caddy California then leasing could be a great choice for you. When you lease a vehicle you do not take on the financial risk of owning it, which with a model like the Caddy California that suffers from rapid depreciation in value can be quite daunting. Leasing also allows you to get a new model every few years keeping up with the latest design and technology advances

What is the Difference Between the Caddy California and the Standard Caddy?

Based on the Caddy van the Caddy California is a small campervan designed to bring a sense of adventure to everyday life but is suitable for longer trips with a pull out kitchen and foldout sleeping area, whereas the Caddy is a boxy multi-person vehicle or cargo van. 

How Much is a VW Caddy California to Lease Per Month?

The exact cost of leasing a Caddy California will vary depending on a number of factors including the spec of the vehicle you want and the terms of the contract including the lease length, mileage allowance, whether it includes a maintenance package and if it is a business or personal lease agreement.

Is the VW Caddy California a Good Van for a Business?

No, the VW Caddy is a campervan so not a great choice if you’re looking for a van that carries a large cargo load. 

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