We know that for one night a year Santa’s sleigh is pulled by nine reindeer but what about the rest of the year? We’ve rounded up our top five picks for what we think he’d be taking Rudolph out in on less festive journeys.

When deciding which cars would be the best for driving with an animal companion we’ve considered:

  • Space – a four-legged friend will need space to sit and lie down comfortably at least. Most pet owners will try to find an option with enough room for them to be able to change position or turn around as well.
  • Suspension – just like us animals can get car sick which is why good suspension and ride comfort is an important factor when looking at cars they’ll be travelling it.
  • Safety – Rule 57 of the Highway Code states that any animal you travel with is restrained while the car is in motion either via a harness, pet crate or dog grille over the boot. This is to prevent them from distracting the driver and injuring themselves or others if the car needs to stop suddenly.
  • Boot height – Another consideration is the height of the boot. A lot of pet owners use the boot space for their animals to get comfortable and so if they are jumping in and out of the boot themselves the space between the boot and the ground is very important.
  • Windows – most modern vehicles come with electric windows throughout the car and if you plan on having a pet in the rear seats then you’ll want to factor in being able to open and close the window for them. You’ll also want to be careful of them being able to open the window themselves.

Top Five Cars for Travelling with Pets

1. Volvo V60 


Volvo is a brand that is known for making safe and reliable estate cars so it’s little wonder our first pick was one of their models.

We opted for the V60 because it’s their mid-range model but still offers a 529 litre boot that is more than enough room for your pets even without putting the rear seats down.

The flat load space and low floor make it easier for reindeer, dogs and any other pet you might have to get in and out under their own power. And if they do need a helping hand it’s not so far for you to lift them into the vehicle.

All V60s come with a 12-volt power socket in the boot which is handy if your pet sheds hair as you can plug in a small car vacuum cleaner and clean up after then quickly.

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2. Skoda Superb Estate


Our next pick is another estate, we’ve chosen a few estates for this list as they’re lower to the ground than an SUV so easier for pets to get in and out but still with a similar amount of space. In the Skoda Superb Estate you’ve got a whopping 660 litres of space in the boot for your pet to get comfortable in.

The interior is hardwearing and easy to clean should you get any muddy paw prints and the reversible load floor means you can have one side for use when your pet is in the car and then flip it over for a hair and mud-free space to put your belongings. 

The Superb Estate’s got an emphasis on comfort and convenience with plenty of pet friendly features from the little touches like an umbrella in the door pocket for walks when there’s unexpected rain and the side cubies that are the perfect size for leads and poo bags in the boot to the soft suspension and optional power-assisted tailgate. Top of Form

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3. Dacia Logan MCV


Dacia is no longer producing new Logan MCV models but you can still buy recently produced models as they only stopped producing them earlier this year.

It has a 573 litre boot with wipe down plastic so it’s easy to clean after trapsing through the woods or snow in winter and Dacia offer a pet pack which includes a boot liner, boot divider and foldable dog bowl.

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4. Citroen Berlingo


One of the very first multi-person vehicles (MPVs) the Citroen Berlingo is definitely a statement car with its boxy design and eye-catching colour choices.

It’s clear to see that the Berlingo is based on a van with its shape and the rear space it’s got available. There’s a 775 litre boot as standard and a 1050 litre one if you upgrade to the Berlingo XL.

The Berlingo family has recently been updated and now features roof bars, that are both stylish and practical if you need to transport luggage as well as your pet.  

You’ll get an eight-inch touchscreen media centre with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard, over 25 storage cubbies, pouches and holes throughout the vehicle, and the option of a fully electric version in the Berlingo E.

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5. Mercedes-Benz E Class Estate


Our final pick is the E Class Estate which is a staple model for the powerhouse German manufacturer.

For several decades now the E Class Estate has been a favourite for dog owners as it’s comfortable for four and two legged passengers alike, offers a smooth driving experience, and has the prestige of the brand and the luxury finish it’s known for.

Depending on the spec you opt for the boot space varies slightly but most offer around 650 litres which is more than enough space for a pet to fit comfortably.

The E Class is available with a number of different engine options to ensure you get the right type for you, and all of them offer a smooth and comfortable ride for driver and passengers.

To protect your interior Mercedes offer a folding sill protective mat and on the all-terrain model you’ll even get automatic boot closing which is one less thing to worry about when getting your pet out the car.

Head back to our blog and check out our other top picks by filtering to top 10s!

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