Ford is a brand that many drivers recognise as being essential to the evolution of the modern motor car with the company’s development of the moving assembly line which revolutionised the speed and cost of producing vehicles.

Today Ford are known for producing reliable and dependable cars for drivers of all ages, though in the UK they’re favoured by first time and family drivers. The Ford Fiesta is one of Ford’s most popular models and has been since the hatchback was first sold in 1976. Through the past 45 years it’s seen several major changes to the interior and exterior to keep it up to date with the latest advances.


The Fiesta’s most recent update was earlier this year so we’ve taken a deep dive into all the changes so you know what to expect from the latest model.

Ford Fiesta Power and Performance

In 2020 Ford overhauled the Fiesta engines to utilise their mild hybrid technology. The latest models continue to use this technology in the new editions. There’s a range of petrol engines for you to choose from including a three-cylinder 1.0 litre EcoBoost, EcoBoost 125 and EcoBoost 155 options all of which use mild hybrid technology to give a little more power when needed in accelerating and stop-start the engine in congestion.

The Fiesta is known for not only being a practical hatchback but a fun one, and the 2022 model is just as agile as it’s predecessor. With light steering, INFO and the ability to absorb bumps and bounces of the UK’s worst potholes.


Ford Fiesta Exterior

This latest model is an update on the totally revitalizes stylings the supermini received in 2017 so there’s no major changes to the body shape and exterior styling. Instead, the car has received more subtle modifications to give it a fresh look and feel.

On the front there’s a more prominent grille, that has the Ford badge in the centre of it rather than above, a redesigned bonnet and new headlights. Drivers will get bright LED headlights for maximum night-time visibility that can be upgraded to matrix LED headlights, which allow you to use full beam without blinding oncoming drivers.

There’s three and five door options for you to choose from, both of which are practical for families as the doors on the three door option are larger to make getting in and out of the rear seats easier.  

Ford Fiesta Interior

The inside is what drivers have come to expect from the family hatchback. It’s got comfortable seats that give front and rear passengers plenty of leg and head room, though it will feel a little snug if all three of the rear seats are occupied.

There’s an eight inch touchscreen infotainment centre with smartphone connectivity via Android Auto or Apple Carplay, an optional built-in sat nav system, and two USB pots for device charging as well as wireless charging on higher spec levels. And there are plenty of additional tech to help make driving easier for you as well – with lane keeping assistance,

For your cargo needs there’s plenty of cubbies to handily store things when on the move. The boot isn’t the largest on the market for a small hatchback at 303 litres but it’s big enough to get the weekly shop or children’s sports kits in comfortably.


The Fiesta and the Focus are both hatchbacks that dominate the UK market, along with the Vauxhall Corsa and VW Golf and Polo and we think that the Fiesta is still a great choice but if you’re looking for a hatchback but we recommend checking out the others as they’re all great contenders for the top hatchback spot at the minute.


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