The Mercedes EQE is one of the latest additions to Mercedes electric range which has expanded rapidly over the past couple of years. This year we’ve seen several electric vehicles (EVs) from them but the one we’re most excited about is the EQE.  

Mercedes EQE Electric Performance

The EQE is based on the same electric platform as the EQS, which is a larger electric saloon, and so you’ll see a few similarities between the two.

The EQE 350+ is the only version of the EQE currently sold in the UK has a large 90 kWh battery and a range of up to 394 miles. This mileage range puts it close to the long range Tesla models making it one of the longest on the market, even when you factor into account the real world driving range will be lower.

It’s capable of accepting 170kW charge so can go from 10 to 80 % in just over 30 minutes on an ultra-rapid charger.

Mercedes EQE Exterior


The EQE is a medium-sized saloon and has the styling that we’ve come to expect from a Mercedes executive car, although the shorter boot and bonnet give it a unique feel.

 It’s slightly smaller than the EQS but has many of the same features due to sharing the platform design, albeit slightly shorter. The teardrop shaped outline has smooth curved lines that are designed to be as aerodynamic as possible for better performance.

Mercedes EQE Interior


Where the EQE really shines is on the interior. The high-quality finish includes a digital display behind the wheel with all the key information easy to see at a glance as well as a touchscreen in the centre console that controls most of the car’s functions including smartphone integration and satnav options.

There’s also a range of different driver modes for you to choose from to make sure you have the most comfortable ride possible. You’ve got eco, comfort, sport or your own individual modes.

Because of the sloping roofline the headroom is a limited for rear passengers especially on the middle seat, but there is plenty of leg room that makes up for this a little.  And they have included a panoramic glass roof which brings a lot more light into the cabin and makes it feel more spacious.

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