Top 5 Saloons

The saloon might have been decreasing in popularity over the past few years with the rise of the SUV, but it's still a solid choice for your next car.

Longer than hatchbacks, with a larger separate boot space that not only gives a quieter drive but also offers a more elegant body shape they offer plenty of room for your passengers and luggage. 

Take a look at our pick of the top five saloon cars available on the market right now.

1. BMW 3 Series 

BMW 3 series best saloon

The 3 Series is thought of as the executive car that has set the standard for all others ever since it was first introduced over 40 years ago.

The longevity and popularity of this model shows just how much it deserves to be included in our top five. With a spacious interior, comfortable ride and all the latest BMW tech, it’s easy to see why the 3 Series is so popular.

With rear-wheel-drive the 3 Series is fun on the road, but there is also a four-wheel drive options available on some models for those wanting something a little sturdier. The latest edition has the best steering yet, with excellent body control, well-developed suspension and plenty of grip on the road that makes it just as capable on winding country roads as it is coasting along the motorway.

A mix of engines that lead the class for performance and efficiency, including the 330e plug-in hybrid, coupled with a range of trim specs means there’s sure to be a 3 Series that suits your needs.

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2. Volkswagen Passat Saloon 

vw passat best saloon

Volkswagen began life as a company that wanted to produce affordable cars for the general population and that’s a legacy that continues into today’s vehicles.

The Passat is one of the most affordable executive saloons on the market, through the purchase or leasing price, but also with its low running costs.

Last year the Passat was revamped for a more modern look, with a low, wide bonnet, four-bar chrome grille and purposeful LED headlights. There’s also been an update on the inside, with options like ambient interior lighting, high-resolution Active Info Display and voice-controlled infotainment system.

The Passat offers you a smooth drive, comfortable, spacious seats for front and rear passengers and an economical range of engines including the plug-in hybrid GTE. All models include a touchscreen infotainment system, DAB radio, Bluetooth phone connection and Apple CarPlay or Android Auto as standard.

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3. Mercedes-Benz C Class Saloon

merc c class best saloon

If there’s one area that Mercedes-Benz excels in it’s the executive saloon, which is why two of them have made it into our top five.

The C Class Saloon is the first, and more compact of the two with a luxurious interior finished to a high quality and a generous amount of tech included as standard.

This model has been designed with comfort in mind. There’s optional Airmatic air suspension that makes the ride smoother, even on the most potholed roads, and on the inside, the comfortable upholstery, large passenger seats and quiet drive all add to the relaxed feel.

There’s a range of trim levels available so you can choose the one that’s the most suited to your lifestyle, all of which were overhauled in 2018 with upgraded tech, including a 10.25 inch infotainment display centre as standard.

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4. Audi A4 Saloon

audi a4 best saloon

The A4 Saloon pairs Audi’s style and sophistication with all the space and practicalities you look for in a saloon.

It’s also been revamped to provide better ride quality and the latest technology.

On the inside, there’s plenty of space and with a boot capacity of 420 litres you’re sure to fit everyone, and everything, in.

The A4 Saloon excels on long distance drives with its smooth ride, range of economical engines to choose from and comfort spacious interior.

The range includes the Technik, Sport, S Line, Black Edition and Vorsprung models.

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5. Mercedes-Benz E Class Saloon

merc e class best saloon

The E Class Saloon is the second Mercedes to make it onto our list, which highlights Mercedes’ dominance in this sector.

With the eye-catching grille and recognisable badge, the E Class has a stylish exterior that continues inside, where the option for twin 12.3 inch screens gives a modern twist to the dash.

There are two core trim levels with the E Class, the SE and AMG Line, and Mercedes offers a huge number of options and additional packs on these and the other trim ranges to customise it to your exact needs.

The E Class is an impressive all-rounder, that offers a relaxed drive whether you’re on a country road or motorway.

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