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Toyota C-HR Lease Deals

The Toyota C-HR is a crossover SUV designed for the city. It’s packed with a lot of technology designed to make life easier for you from the touchscreen infotainment centre and smartphone integration to the driving assistance systems like Pre-Collision System with Cyclist Detection, Day & Night-time Pedestrian Detection.

Current models are also available with hybrid technology for better fuel efficiency and lower emissions. For more information on hybrids you might find our hybrid guide useful. 


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Toyota is a Japanese brand known for its longevity in the industry and their cars are known for being reliable and affordable practical models which the C-HR perfectly embodies with a sense of style and fun. 

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Your Toyota C-HR Leasing Questions Answered

Why Should I Lease a Toyota C-HR?

Leasing a Toyota C-HR is a simple way of making this much sought-after SUV more affordable. Leasing deals are often better value than the typical finance deals you’d be offered when you purchase a vehicle outright. Likewise, the initial deposit is a lot smaller than paying for a vehicle in full upfront, and you’ll pay fixed monthly costs throughout your contract.

Is the Toyota C-HR a Hybrid Car?

Yes, the C-HR is a hybrid vehicle, which means it has both an electric motor and a combustion engine.

What is the Range of a Toyota C-HR?

The C-HR is a self-charging hybrid so does not have a large electric powered range instead it uses the EV system to power the vehicle at low speeds and provide additional power when accelerating and starting from a stop.

Is the Toyota C-HR a Reliable Car?

Yes, Toyota is a Japanese brand known for producing reliable models that you can count on and the C-HR is no exception.

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