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Maxus Lease Deals

One of the newer brands on the market, Maxus might not be a household name yet but that doesn’t mean they don’t offer some interesting vehicles. Mostly focusing on commercial vehicles like small vans, their approach to creating robust models like the Maxus MIFA 9 has made them popular with businesses in particular. 

If you’re in need of a reliable commercial vehicle then Maxus may have the right option for you. Considering their size, models like the MIFA 9 are also on the more affordable side than many of their direct rivals. They focus on functionality while still having some great features, making them ideal to use as a business leasing vehicle. 

Which Maxus Models are Available to Lease?

You can lease the MIFA 9 right now with Xcite Car Leasing, a great Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV) that offers seating for up to seven passengers. There’s loads of legroom for all passengers as well as the driver, making it perfect for businesses that transport passengers on a regular basis, as well as those with larger families that want to use the MIFA 9 as a personal leasing vehicle. It’s fully electric too, meaning it’s better for the planet. 

Which Car Brands are Similar to Maxus? 

Maxus is a pretty unique brand for the types of vehicles that they offer. That being said, there are some models from the likes of Ford and Toyota that can provide similar MPVs all for a great price. 

Why Choose Xcite Car Leasing for Your Maxus Lease Deal?

Xcite Car Leasing is a great choice for your Maxus lease deal, boasting numerous advantages. Established in 2004, we have a long history of serving both individuals and businesses throughout the UK, amassing comprehensive knowledge in all aspects of car leasing. Our approachable team is committed to assisting you at every juncture, delivering unmatched customer service. Plus, through strategic alliances with dealerships and manufacturers, we’re able to offer Maxus models at unparalleled rates. 

Your Maxus Leasing Questions Answered

Why Should I Lease a Maxus Model?

A Maxus lease deal is a phenomenal choice for drivers and businesses that prioritise practicality as well as affordability, with their models being ideal for multiple purposes. Leasing a Maxus can also help you save money when compared to buying outright or other finance methods, including lower upfront costs and low fixed monthly payments. 

How Much Does It Cost to Lease a Maxus?

The pricing of leasing a Maxus car varies depending on the particular model chosen and the terms of your Maxus lease agreement. Elements like the duration of the contract, initial down payment, and mileage limit will influence how much you’ll be paying on a monthly basis. For instance, opting for a lengthier contract and making a higher initial rental amount would result in reduced monthly payments.

How Reliable Are Maxus Models?

Although they’re a relatively new brand and don’t have a long history, Maxus cars are reliable and are built with strong components and materials. 

Where Are Maxus Models Made?

As a Chinese brand, the majority of Maxus models are manufactured in China, with their parent company SAIC Motor having a large manufacturing facility there. 

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