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Ford S-Max Vignale Leasing Deals & Offers

The S-Max Vignale is the top of the range version of the seven-seater S-Max. There are a number of styling features that are different between this and other S-Max models, like the large imposing front grille and the contrasting hand-stitched seats that make this car feel a little more luxurious.

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Alongside the standard safety equipment you’ll find in the S-Max there are a number of additional features like rear inflatable seatbelts and the active city stop driver assistance system in the S-Max Vignale. Other upgrades include 19-inch 10-spoke polished alloy wheels, 10-way multi-contour front seats, enhanced ambient lighting and a power tailgate.

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Just scroll up to see all our leasing deals on the S-Max Vignale and compare them to find your perfect lease. Or give us a call on 0330 221 0000 to discuss your leasing options.

Your Ford S-Max Vignale Leasing Questions Answered

What are the Main Reasons to Lease a Ford S-Max Vignale?

There are a few reasons that leasing your next new car is a great choice:

  • You get to drive a brand-new vehicle every few years
  • Low monthly payments mean you’ll often be able to afford a higher spec than if you were purchasing outright
  • Fixed monthly payments make it easier to budget
  • You can add a maintenance package to cover servicing, MOTs and most maintenance work to reduce the risk of an unexpected garage bill

How Much Can a Ford S-Max Vignale be Leased for per Month?

The exact monthly cost of leasing a S-Max Vignale will depend on a few different things. Firstly, the deals and discounts available at the time from the manufacturers, dealers and funders will have an influence on the prices available for you.

The vehicle you choose, including any extra options you add will also have an influence on the price. As will the terms of the lease you need, so the lease length, mileage allowance, maintenance agreement, whether it is a business or personal and the amount you pay for your initial rental payment.

What is the Range of the S-Max Vignale?

The hybrid version of the S-Maz only has a very small purely electric range as it is not a plug-in hybrid, instead the battery helps provide power at key moments such as when accelerating.

How Big is the Ford S-Max Vignale?

The Ford S-Max Vignale is a seven seat car so there’s plenty of room for your entire family to fit comfortably.

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