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Ford Mustang Lease Deals

The Mustang is one of Ford's most iconic models, dating back to the 1960s and traditional American muscle cars. 

Since then the car has been through several updates and changes to make sure it utilises the latest in technological advances without losing any of the power or distinctive design of its muscle car heritage.

The latest modest is now available with Ford’s FordPass Connect onboard modem on some specs, which provides you with a number useful features to keep you connected and your passengers entertained, including up to 4G Wi-Fi for as many as 10 devices, live traffic updates sent directly to your satnav and many more. Other great tech features today’s model has include smartphone connectivity, personalised driving modes and settings as well as driver assistance technology like passenger detection.

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On the 5.0L V8 model they’ve added a duel-fuel, high-pressure direct injection into the engine to improve the performance and that recognisable mustang noise and with the Active Valve Exhaust option you can also control the sound of your vehicle, and really hear the rumble of the engine in Race Track Mode.  On the 2.3L EcoBoost they’ve managed to increase the overboost as well whilst managing to reduce emissions.

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See all our current Ford Mustang prices above and compare our available deals in order to find your ideal lease. If you need to narrow the results down then we've got two handy search tools to look for a particular vehicle or contract terms. Or you might want to compare these with the rest of our Ford leasing deals to see how it compares to their other models.

Your Ford Mustang Questions Answered

What are the Benefits of Leasing a Ford Mustang?

There are many benefits to leasing your next Ford Mustang. Firstly, you don’t have to make one lump sum payment or have a balloon payment at the start / end of an agreement to purchase it. Because you don’t own the vehicle not only don’t you need to worry about buying it but there are also no worries about its value depreciating and having to sell the vehicle, instead at the end of your lease simply hand the vehicle back and arrange a new one!

Leasing makes it easy to budget as well with a set contract length, fixed monthly payment and optional maintenance packages which cover maintenance, servicing and MOTs for the duration of your agreement.

Why is the Ford Mustang so Unique?

The Ford Mustang has been through several evolutions since it first appeared nearly seventy years ago but despite the updates to the powertrains, design and technology it has retained its uniqueness thanks to the retained iconic features and powerful performance.

What is the Cheapest Ford Mustang to Lease?

Here at Xcite Car Leasing we work hard to find the very best possible deals available at the time which means that we cannot guarantee a particular spec will always be the cheapest. We work with all of the UK’s leading lease funders and a large network of dealers around the country in order to be able to get the cheapest Mustang prices we can and those listed above are regularly updated to be as accurate as possible.

Does the Ford Mustang Come as a Convertible?

Yes, there is the option to have the Mustang as a soft top convertible model on nearly every spec level.

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