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BMW X4 M Lease Deals

The BMW X4 M is a higher spec version of their popular X4 SUV making it the ideal choice for drivers who are looking for a fast and fun family car. 

The sporty SUV has a three-litre straight six engine and provides a whooping 500 bph, which when paired with the eight-speed automatic gearbox gives you smooth and powerful acceleration no matter the road. You'll also be able to adjust the speed of shifts, the weight of the steering and driving mode.

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BMW are a German manufacturer known for producing luxury vehicles that are full of high-quality materials and finishing touches designed for comfort and driver convenience. You'll be able to adjust the driver seat for the perfect driving position and once you do you'll find all the vehicle controls are within reach. 

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Your BMW X4 M Leasing Questions Answered

Why Should I Lease a BMW X4 M?

There are many reasons that leasing is a great choice. You'll get to drive a new car every few years without the stress of depreciation or hassle of buying and selling, for a fixed monthly cost that you can include maintenance in for added peace of mind.

What is the Difference Between the X4 M and the Standard X4?

The main difference between the X4 M and the X4 is their engines. In the X4 M, you get a three litre twin turbo engine capable of producing 500 bhp. 

Is the BMW X4 M a Good Family Car?

If you're looking for a fun family car then the X4 M is a strong contender. It's a fast and functional SUV that's got enough room for the entire family. 

What Does the M Stand for in the BMW X4 M?

The M you'll see on some of BMW's models stands for motorsport and was originally used on their racing vehicles but is now used across their higher spec performance models. 

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