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Alfa Romeo Giulia Leasing Deals

The Giulia showcases Alfa Romeo’s unmistakable Italian design and its sleek silhouette combines cutting-edge engineering and aerodynamics for a balance of striking looks and capable performance.  

On the interior, Alfa Romeo’s driver-focused cockpit offers options with dual-zone climate control, cordless charging points, and a heated, multifunctional leather steering wheel to make sure every journey is an enjoyable one. 

The Italian manufacturer is known for creating beautiful sporty cars that matches performance and style, which the Giulia really epitomises with its eye-catching design and powerful range of petrol engines. The current model offers drivers all the latest technology, with safety features like intelligent speed control, traffic jam and highway assist, driver attention assist which lets you know when it’s time to take a break, smartphone connectivity and much more. 

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Who is the Ideal Driver for an Alfa Romeo Giulia Lease? 

As Alfa Romeo is a brand that is known for a level of luxury it's a great choice for drivers who don't want to compromise on the levels of comfort and finish that you'd get in a premium saloon but want a thrilling drive. A Guilia lease is ideal for drivers looking for a sporty and engaging drive.

Compare Alfa Romeo Giulia Lease Deals

Check out all our best offers across the Giulia range below to compare the different specs and current deals available on them. If you're after something in particular then you can also use one of our search bar filters to find it. 

Our team are also available on 0330 221 000 if you'd like to speak to one of our Leasing Consultants to discuss any of these deals, how long it will take to get a Giulia and much more. 

Which Cars are Similar to an Alfa Romeo Giulia Lease? 

If you want to compare the Giulia with similar models from other brands we recommend taking a look at the BMW 3 Series or the Jaguar XE as these are its closest rivals. Again if you need any help comparing the models to find the right one for your new car our team is waiting to help! 

Your Alfa Romeo Giulia Leasing Questions Answered

Is Leasing an Alfa Romeo Giulia Better than Buying?

Alfa Romeo Giulia leasing lets you drive the brand-new car while making fixed monthly payments after a low initial deposit. You can choose the length of the contract, with options of 24, 36 and 48 months, while also selecting annual mileage and individual specifications.

When the deal comes to an end, you may have the option of extending the lease or simply handing the car back with no hassle or fuss.

What is the Cheapest Alfa Romeo Giulia Lease Deal?

The cheapest Giulia leasing deal will vary depending on the best offers we can find at the time so we can’t guarantee a particular model will always be the cheapest but we work hard to make sure we have some of the best deals on the market for you to choose from, simply scroll up to see these.

Is the Alfa Romeo Giulia a Fast Car?

The Giulia has a top speed of around 149 miles per hour if you look at the Sprint model which is our most popular. However, the Quadrifoglio has the top speed of the range at 191 miles. You’ll never need to hit these heights of course, but as far as saloons go, the Giulia is a fast car! 

If you look at acceleration speeds you'll get a 0-62 as quick as 3.9 seconds in the Quadrifoglio, though this is a little slower for some of the other spec options.

What are the Main Features of the Giulia?

This luxury performance saloon has a lot of excellent features, including the 2.0L GME Giorgio turbo engine, a slick and aerodynamic design, and the Quadrifoglio variation which lowers the 0-60 mph time to a rapid 3.8 seconds.

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