Today marks the end of Road Safety Week and as it draws to a close we’re going to round up what we’ve looked at during the past week.   

Over the week we’ve looked at a number of road safety topics including; safety for young drivers, safety for other road users, car maintenance to keep your vehicle safe, the safer sex and slowing your speed.

You can review all of these in our past blog posts and we hope that you’ve found some of the advice and safety tips useful. If you have any of your own then let us know in the comments below or by contacting us here.

Although we’ve looked at a lot of different areas of road safety, the focus of the national campaign was on speeding. The slogan, no need to speed, was designed to raise awareness for the importance of speed limits and drivers keeping to these limits.

11% of accidents that resulted in a fatality or injuries had exceeding the speed limit or travelling too fast as a contributing factor in2019. This might not seem like a lot but these are only the accidents where speeding or travelling too fast can clearly be determined to be a contributing factor, and it still amounts to 8,549 accidents that could possibly have been avoided if the driver slowed down. Road safety charity Brake advise that it could be a higher percentage as they say speed is a factor in one in five fatal crashes.

When you consider that Nilsson’s Power Model shows a 5% increase in average speed leads to around a 10% increase in all injuries and 20% increase in fatal accidents, then the need to go a little faster doesn’t feel as important.

Although it’s the end of Road Safety Week you can still get involved in raising awareness and funds for road safety charity Brake and Road Safety Week itself if you want to be a part of the campaign for safer roads. 

If you have any questions or comments on Road Safety Week and the posts we’ve published then let us know in the comments below.

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