Last month Seat’s performance arm Cupra gave us a look at the all new Cupra Leon.

Unveiled through a live stream we got a look at the new models, which have dropped the Seat badges and will be marketed under the new Cupra brand.

Along with a peek at the racing models, they gave us a look at the Cupra Leon which will be available to buy towards the end of the year. The new model will be available in two body types, the traditional 5-door hatchback and a sports tourer (ST) estate.

The new models use the VW Group’s 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine. This is the same engine as in the VW Golf GTI, but Seat’s engineers have tinkered with it to boost the pressure, alter the cylinder head and generally improve performance for the Leon Cupra.

The 5-door hatchback comes with a 296 bhp as standard and can increase to 306 bhp in the R edition. The ST estate also offers 296 BHP in both front and 4-wheel drive, but this can increase to an impressive 345 bhp if you opt for the ST R model in 4-wheel drive with the ABT engine chip.

The new cars can do 0-62 mph across the range from 5.8 to just 4.8 seconds, in the ABT enhanced ST. Unlike other cars on the market, the power builds smoothly in the Cupra so you aren’t suddenly propelled forward.  

The chassis has been designed to be stiffer than the previous edition to give an overall sportier feel, and the dynamic chassis control offers you adjustable dampers so you can select the level of stiffness and sportiness for your drive.

Along with traditional petrol engines, there will also be a plug-in hybrid model that has a 13kWh battery which can give a pure electric range of up to 60km.

The R models will have more negative camber, retuned steering, bigger Brembo brakes and the option to specify sticky Michelin Cup tyres. The new body kit on the R models conceals the marginally wider track that they have and give the car a better stance on the road.

The new models retain the distinctive Cupra Leon design but now includes LED headlights and a bolder grille at the front which incorporates the copper Cupra badge.

Just like the rest of the Cupra range the new Leons will have copper accents that match the Cupra badge.

There are four driving modes for you to select from which are Comfort, Sport, Cupra and Individual. Individual lets you personalise the setting, designing the ideal road handling for your driving style.

On the inside the Cupra Leon looks pretty similar to the current Leon but with a few nods to the hot hatch like the flat bottom of the steering wheel, and selectors at the centre, and the Cupra badge.

You can also choose to opt for bucket seats to give the interior a racing feel.

Just like its predecessor this Cupra has a minimalist interior with a digital screen replacing the instrument panel and a separate touchscreen infotainment in the centre console.

Although they are larger, with more space between the front and rear axels the new models are slightly narrower and have a lower roofline. Despite this, they have the same 380-litre boot capacity as the current model, and in the estate model this has increased to 617 litres.

Prices for the new range have not yet confirmed but are expected to be around the £30,000 mark.

The new models are expected to go on sale towards the end of this year. We’ll keep you updated on any news as we’re updated with it.

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