The latest vehicle in development for Jaguar Land Rover has been spotted being tested on public roads earlier this month.

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We first caught a glimpse of the new Range Rover a few months ago but we recently saw the Long Wheelbase version being driven.

The latest edition of the company’s flagship luxury SUV is currently still in development and we might see a few changes from the current vehicle we’re seeing being tested but at this stage in the programme we wouldn’t expect these to be big changes.

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As you can see from the pictures the car is heavily camouflaged with the swirled pattern designed to conceal the design and key features as much as possible before the official launch. We can still make out several features that we’ve come to expect from a Range Rover, including the large grille at the front, high window sills and bold headlights.

When we compare this long wheelbase edition with the standard Range Rover we saw earlier in the year it looks like the additional space may have been used to increase rear passenger space as the rear doors are larger.

We’ve not been given specifics for either model yet, but the current long wheelbase version is 200mm longer than the standard model and it’s expected the size difference will remain similar in the coming fifth generation.

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It’s expected that both the standard and long wheelbase models will utilise a new platform, that will help integrate hybrid and electric systems as Land Rover make the move towards more sustainable vehicles before the UK 2035 ban on new diesel and petrol vehicle sales comes into place. Though, Land Rover have not yet confirmed whether the new Range Rover will be available as a hybrid or fully electric vehicle.

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We’ve not yet seen any pictures or details for the interior of the new Range Rover but it’s likely to follow the current model’s design but with upgrades to the technology, like the infotainment system.

We’ll keep you updated as we see and hear more on the new Range Rover.

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