As it starts to get colder, we know that keeping warm is one of the top priorities when out and about. For a lot of us that’s simply a case of turning on the heating but there are a few extra steps that you can take to warm up a little quicker. We’ve put together a list of our team’s top five items that help them stay warm and hope you find these useful too. 

1. Windshield Cover

The first item we recommend investing in is a windshield cover. Though you might typically see these being used in the summer to protect cars from the hot weather they’re equally as useful in the cold. A windshield cover is a cheap and easy way to prevent the temperature inside your car dropping too low. If your temperature doesn’t drop as low as it could then it won’t take as long for it to warm up in the morning.

An added bonus of a windshield cover is that if it’s icy or snowy, as long as you’ve tucked it in well there shouldn’t be too much scraping for you to do in the morning. Saving you from icy hands as well as a frosty car.

2. Insulated Travel Mug

Whilst it might not seem like an accessory for you, a travel mug can be a really great way to keep yourself warm on the move, including in the car. For most of us a morning coffee, or tea, is essential so why not take it with you to keep you warm on the journey into the office.

An insulated mug will keep your beverage, and you, warmer for longer and most travel mugs are fitted with anti-spill lids that will keep your coffee in the cup even on the sharpest of turns.

3. Heated Seat Pads  

If you’ve not got heated seats built into your car that doesn’t mean you can’t have them! There are plenty of seat pad options for you to choose from that will give you a warm seat. These can be for the seat and back of your chair, and if you’re feeling generous you can also upgrade your passengers’ seat – though you might not have enough power sockets available in the car to run them all at once.

4. Hand Warmers

For most people, their hands and feet are the body parts that get the coldest. Cold feet can be managed by thick socks, and using the footwell heaters in your car but having cold hands can be a little trickier as you need full function of your hands to control the vehicle.

Hand warmers are a great tool to warm your hands up whilst on the go. They’re typically small packs that you hold and heat your hands up. You can get disposable one use packs or rechargeable ones that can be charged in the car once you’ve finished using them. Whilst we wouldn’t recommend holding these while driving they’re a great thing to have handy to warm yourself up before setting off or to pop in your coat when you leave the car.

Alternatively, you might want to look at a steering wheel warmer. This can be a simple cover that makes the steering wheel feel warmer because of the material, or there are heated options available. Some more premium models may have the option of a heated steering wheel but if your car doesn’t and it’s a feature you want then there are some great after market options. An added bonus is that they’re removable when spring comes, and they’re no longer needed.

5. A Blanket

The final item we think you should keep in your car for a warm winter is a blanket. Wool blankets tend to be warmer, but any blanket will do.

If you often travel in your car or need an extra boost, then you can get a heated blanket that plugs into a 12V socket in the boot, or for those with older cars the cigarette lighter.

We don’t recommend using a blanket while you are driving as it can make it harder for you to control the vehicle, getting in the way of you reaching controls or blocking your vision. But they’re a great addition for if you’re parked up or have chilly passengers.

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