What is WLTP

There is a new European Union vehicle testing regime called the Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (“WLTP”.)  This is being phased in and replaces the New European Driving Cycle (“NEDC”) test procedure for establishing the official fuel consumption and CO2 emissions figures for new vehicles. The WLTP applies to all vehicle manufacturers.

The WLTP is still a laboratory-based standardised test but it seeks to provide more realistic testing conditions and a more accurate basis for assessing a vehicle model’s fuel consumption and emissions figures. In essence, the aim is to ensure that test conditions better reflect real world driving. The European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association has a website at http://wltpfacts.eu which contains lots of useful information and Q&As that you can access.

What this could mean for new and existing orders

As the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions figures from the WLTP may not yet be available for the vehicle you have ordered, we are not able to provide you with them. Therefore, at the present time, and in line with the relevant regulations, we can only provide the current official figures for the model you have ordered, as determined in accordance with the NEDC (these figures appear in the promotional material for your vehicle model).

If the vehicle you have ordered is tested using the WLTP, this may cause the currently available official figures for the vehicle to change, which may result in an increase in the published official fuel consumption and/or CO2 emissions figures. These new WLTP figures can be converted back to show “NEDC-equivalent” values using a tool created by the European Commission. These NEDC-equivalent figures will be the official fuel consumption and CO2 emissions figures for your vehicle and will be shown subsequently in the official documents. These figures may not be exactly the same as the current NEDC figures.

It is important that you understand that, if the official CO2 figure increases, the rate of the annual Vehicle Excise Duty which applies to your vehicle may also increase as a result.

Further, please be aware that if your vehicle is tested under WLTP it is also possible that the lead time for your chosen model may be extended. Please ask Wessex Fleet or Car Lease Special Offers to provide you with the latest estimated delivery schedule.

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