Today's Detective was . . . DCI John Luther!

Did you manage to guess that we were talking about Luther?

Even if he didn’t manage to catch Alice Morgan in the first episode he was one of the best serial killer detectives out there.

If you’ve been doing this challenge since the beginning you might have spotted that Luther’s car is very similar to the one Maddy in Jonathan Creek drives. That’s because it’s the same car!

The Volvo 240 might be more dated in Luther but is just as reliable.  

Although the 240 is no longer sold Volvo have a great range of vehicles, from hatchbacks and estates to saloons or SUVs you’re sure to find the Volvo that’s perfect for all your needs.

Take a look at all the great Volvo offers we have or give us a call on 03302210000 so we can fully invesitage all the lease options available for you. 


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