Today's Detective was . . . DI Geordie Keating!

Did you manage to guess we were back in the idyllic village of Granchester with Geordie?

Originally the gruff detective partnered with Reverend Sidney Chambers, but when he moved on to spread God’s message in other parishes his replacement Reverend Will Davenport also slipped into his role of helping Geordie solve crime.

There was a crossover where both Sidney and Will were in a few episodes together, but Will is now firmly established as the Vicar of Granchester and Geordie’s crime solving partner.

Today’s car was more difficult to guess. It was the Hillman Minx MkV that Geordie first drove.

Cars are no longer produced under the Hillman brand, but some of the classic models are still available to buy.  

If you do have any questions about cars that are currently available to lease just give us a call on 03302210000.

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