You’ve made it to the final clue! There’s just one more chance for you to see if you can guess which investigator we’re hinting at and what car they drive.

As it’s the last day, today’s detective is a little harder. They’re not strictly speaking the detective of their show, but their investigation is as extensive and revealing as the police’s.

When a woman reveals a secret that turns their world upside down this investigator manages to find some vital clues to the disappearance and murder of their spouse.

Eventually confiding in one police detective, they unravel the murder at the same time the police expose another murderer.

 They drive one of the most popular family SUVs on the market, large enough to fit all the football kit in the back, as well as half the team.

Think you know who we’re talking about and what they drive? Hit reveal to see if you’re right one last time.

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