You’re nearly halfway through so you should know the drill by now, read the clue and see if you can suss out who our detective of the day is and what car they use, then hit reveal to see if you’re right.

This detective has a knack for solving the strangest of cases, it’s almost magic!

They might not have wanted to solve murders in the beginning, but their curious nature and an overzealous writer lead them into a world of mysteries.

This writer was on the lookout for their next payday and finding the most salacious of stories but soon became invested in more than the payout and the pair developed a strong friendship.

Over the years this detective has had a number of partners but it’s the car that their first partner drove we’re interested in.

Their dependable car was the only way the pair could travel, as today’s detective doesn’t drive.

The recognisable rectangular design is one you still see on the roads today, despite the last model being nearly 25 years old.

Think you’ve guessed the dynamic duo we’re hinting at? Click reveal to see if you’re right.

Bonus points if you can remember the car as well!

bonus quiz

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