It’s day two and so we’ve got two detectives for you to guess! Don’t worry they’re both from the same tv show so if you get one you should get the other.

Read through our clue below then hit reveal to see if you managed to guess both of today’s detectives and the cars they’ve been driving.


Today’s two detectives are part of a team that investigate corruption within the force.

Because of their work these two aren’t well liked by their fellow police officers, and often end up on the receiving end of a sharp word or two, if not something more deadly.

Despite them both being up for the same promotion their working relationship and friendship has stood the test of time and remains strong as we look towards the new series next year.

The first of our investigators drives a small one of the most popular hatchbacks on the market.

The small but reliable car is suitable for any and all lifestyles, even one as dangerous as our detective’s.

In the latest series our other detective is driving something larger, and more luxurious than their colleague. The saloon car might look suited to a more sedate pace of life, but it manages just fine in the high speed chases.  

Think you know who our two detectives are and what cars they’re driving? Hit reveal to see if you’re right!

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