It’s day one of our murder mystery challenge so we’re starting off with what should be an easy one for you.

Just read the clue below, to try and work out which tv detective we’re talking about and see if you can remember their car. Then click reveal to check if you got the right answers!

You might have spotted the latest detective in this series ‘enjoying’ his new home last night.

Most people would think this place was paradise but not our detective.

Just like his predecessors he's finding it difficult to adjust to life in his new home. He’s struggling with the climate, the bugs and even the people!

Probably the only thing that he’s not had a problem with yet is the car he’s being driven around in.

Ideal for the variety of terrain it has to travel, this car has been with the police force ever since the show first aired on our screens nearly ten years ago.

Not to be confused with the other modes of transport some of the force have used to get around.

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