Test your memory of classic and recent murder mystery tv shows by seeing if you can match the detective to their car on our deadly quiz.

Are you a murder mystery lover, or have you just caught a few episodes and have a keen eye? Either way test your memory of some of the most classic murder mysteries shows by trying to match the detectives to their car on our quiz below.





You don’t need to know Morse code to solve this one - what car does Inspector Morse drive around Oxford? 


After Morse left the force Lewis stayed on, solving some of Oxford’s most deadly crimes. What car did he trade in the Classic Jaguar for?


What kind of car does Ellie Miller driver around the Jurassic Coast?


Jessica Fletcher is often travelling for her book tours, but how does she get around? 


Poirot relies on his trusty sidekick Hastings to drive him around, but what car does Hastings use? 


In the latest series of Shetland what car did DI Jimmy Perez drive around the islands?


This detective might have Gentle in his name, but his driving is anything but. What car did he use to race between crime scenes? 


Jack Frost knew how to keep the cold away by turning up the heating in his . . . 


Sam Stewart started as DCS Foyles’ driver before establishing herself as a vital part of his investigative team. What was the first car she drove him in?


Sometimes the only thing older than the cases UCOS are investigating, other than the detectives, is Gerry’s car. What classic car did he blow up to fake his death? 


These two needed a car big enough to transport all their gardening tools, but can you remember what it was they drove? 


How did Sherlock and Watson travel around London in the BBC’s interpretation of Doyle’s classic detective?


What classic car did Doctor Mark Sloan drive in between saving lives and solving murders? 


Vera needs a car that can handle off roading in the moors, narrow country roads, city driving and catching criminals. What car did she decide suited all these needs? 


Just one more thing – what car did Columbo drive?


Looks like you need to learn some New Tricks! 


Or at least watch some


Perhaps you could have done with some more Thyme?


It doesn’t take Dr Sloan to diagnose you with a case of the amateur detective. 




You're such a detective you could have written this quiz!

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